How To Start a Blog in Less Than 15 Minutes With Hostgator

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How To Start A Blog – Why everyone to join the race to create a blog? Is it a beneficial business? By considering the latest surveys, it has been seen that blogging can be most influential for anyone because it will be giving you an experience of truly harvest what you sow.

There are some renowned awesome platforms as WordPress.com, Ghost.org, Medium.com that give an opportunity to start your own blog. Nonetheless, if you have set everything to launch your blogging career, in this case, you must need to dominate your own content.

You will be discovering a number of benefits to take control of your own content, in which the first one is you are your own boss, though no one can expurgate you, in the second term, you have to take a decision to apply ad network to make money online, and third point is that you must have complete control of your website, so that you have the right to modify redesign, platforms, customize the code, according to your requirements.

One of the most important things about blogging is that you should have the skill to handle the content writing a great post that can attract readers that can make you rich because what kind of thing you plant, same as you harvest.

How To Start A Blog
How To Start A Blog

There Are Some Steps About How To Start A Blog;

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

Go purchase your domain name from Namecheap.com (using this link). It should cost about $10/year.(If you already have a domain name purchased, just skip to step 2)

Step 2

Go sign up for a hosting package at HostGator.com (using this link). When the HostGator homepage loads click the button labelled “View Webhosting Plans” as seen below.

cheap hosting with hostgator

Next, you can select a hosting package. If you are just starting out the Hatchling package should be fine. You can save more money by signing up for a longer term.

hosting with hostgator

Now if you have already purchased your domain name you can enter it like seen below…

domains at hostgator

Now just continue to follow the steps to create your account and make your first payment to Hostgator.

Step 3

Watch this short video tutorial and follow the steps.

How To Start A Blog
How To Start A Blog

Details of How To Start A Blog:

How to choose a Host

By starting blogging everyone appears to be nerves with thoughts would it be easier to manage it or not, but there are some best companies who offer everyone best features and services to take the good experience of that subject.

Choosing a good web hosting remains the main issue for all new bloggers, so let us resolve you’re this issue announcing the name Hostgator that is much user-friendly host server all around the web.

First, you need to select a hosting package that includes space on a web server, is a place where you can store all your images, text, and videos.

Hostgator owns a number of shared hosting plans, now the question arises what is shared hosting? It means that your space will be on the same server as other people’s space, rather than having a whole server to yourself. It is same as you renting an apartment, instead of renting an entire building.

It is your start in the blogging world, but we hope you will be getting that whole building, but starting out, you don’t require it.

Often it seems to be a bit difficult which plan would be yours, though there is no need to get confused. Register the Hostgator giving some details, but let me remember you one thing that you can upgrade later on or maybe you need SSL or something other.

If someone asks us, so we will be recommending Hostgartor’s Baby Plan includes an offer to run more than blogs. But if it is your initial step or just beginning so you should go for Hatchling Plan is sufficient for you.

Hostgator’s plans hold offers with unlimited storage and email addresses, including a drag-n-drop website builder that makes your work easier. It also allows you to manage everything in terms of designing, so you building your own site isn’t difficult now. After making a complete website you can achieve ad network service from Google Yahoo, and Bing to make money.

Now it is time to go ahead and click the “Sign Up Now” button and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to register a domain

A domain name is an address of your website with whom anyone can reach your blog easily online, so choose an impressive domain name. However, choosing a domain may be difficult for you because there are a lack so domain or already taken by others like “jazzbadassblog.com” have already been registered.

You have to plan some names making them unique or totally different that might be more likely to be available. Let us tell you one more important thing that creating a really crazy name can rocket your domain on the internet like “leggylassbeauties.com”.

Hostgator possesses a tool to assist you to discover an available domain, you just need to put or type in your ideal choice and click “Search”, the result will not be only telling you availability but also some suggestions.

If you are confused that buying a domain from any other company may be troubling, so don’t worry as it works. Buying a domain from any other organization may give you a responsibility to maintain DNS records, which is server-admin level complexity.

However, signing up your domain in the same platform where you get hosting, Hostgator takes all that responsibility.

After achieving a domain name, your next direction is to check the Domain Privacy Protection. Generally, at the time you register a domain, you have to inform ICANN who you are, and anyone can look up who owns the domain, as well as your address.

But using Hostgator’s Domain Privacy Protection your details is reinstated with Hostgator’s. Now your domain will be safe and no one can search for your personal information. How To Start A Blog

How to Install WordPress

Now you are the owner of your website with hosting and domain name, but it still needs to run your blog. There may be some content management systems but there is no match of WordPress. It is a free source that offers you everything is necessary for making a complete website.

When you attain your hosting, after that you will be receiving account access details through an email by the Hostgator. There would log in information for a cpanel of your hosting which is simply short for “Control Panel”.

It is time to discover the “Quick Install” button, and click it that will be unveiling the “Popular Installs”, and there would be WordPress is at the top.

Click on “WordPress” and complete the form providing required details which can be changed later on but it is important that you don’t use the same username as your cPanel username as two username or password combinations are safer than one.

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