HughesNet Gen5 Internet Plans

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HughesNet is America’s best satellite service provider that offers internet and phone services to customers across all 50 states.

For those areas where getting a territorial internet connection is not possible, HughesNet delivers high-speed internet services and ensures connectivity. That is because it uses a satellite dish instead of a wired network and ensures connectivity by using its latest Gen5 technology for sending and receiving signals.

Gen5 offers more benefits such as faster speed and more reliability compared to previous technologies. Moreover, the built-in Wi-Fi feature offers better signals and the option to connect mobile devices and tablets to enjoy the high-speed internet in every corner of your house.

Gen5 Internet Plans

HughesNet offers four data plans for its Gen5 customers to choose the one that meets their requirements. Since all of these plans offer the same download and upload speed, customers can prioritize their usage while choosing any plan.

For instance, if the internet usage is limited, customers do not have to sign-up for a plan that costs that more just so they might get better internet speed. They can go with the lowest tier plan and still get the same speed as long as they don’t go over their data limit.

In case customers exceed their plan data limit, their internet speed is reduced to 1-3 Mbps as per HughesNet’s fair usage policy. If customers want to go back to the same speed they previously had, they can opt for data tokens and do so. For forther details on Hughesnet plans, you can visit  Now let’s have a look at Gen5 internet plans and what they have to offer.

  • HughesNet 10 GB Internet

HughesNet 10 GB is the first plan among HughesNet internet plans offered via Gen5 technology. This plan offers 10 gigabytes of high-speed data which makes it a fine choice for those customers who are looking to sign up for a basic plan and save money.

With this plan, they only have to pay $59.99 per month for internet services. If they qualify for a discount while signing up, they can save $10 per month for the first six months.

  • HughesNet 20 GB Internet

HughesNet offers a 20 GB plan for customers who are not excessive internet users but want to get more data than 10 gigabytes. Besides that, this plan is a suitable choice for 3-5 users who want to stay connected to the internet and mainly use it for social media or texting across different platforms.

This plan costs $69.99 per month and offers the opportunity to double the data compared to the first plan for just $10 additional. So, all those 10 GB customers who purchase data tokens and change that practice and upgrade their plan if it suits them.

  • HughesNet 30 GB Internet

The 30 GB plan is among the high-end Gen5 internet plans for individuals who are excessive internet users and generally watch movies online or work from home. Moreover, this is a good plan if you make video calls daily and communicate with your clients.

For new customers, HughesNet offers this plan at a promotional price of $89.99 per month, and that price is good for the next 6 months from the time of signing up. Once that promotional period is over, customers pay the regular price which is $99.99 per month.

  • HughesNet 50 GB Internet

HughesNet 50 GB is the plan that offers the most data through its Gen5 technology. That makes it the best choice for customers who don’t want to compromise on speed despite the monthly cost they have to pay. For instance, if you are working from home and your family members also use the internet for entertainment, this plan makes the most sense.

On the other hand, this plan costs $149.99 per month, making it the most expensive of all. So, you should consider the cost and the value against it to make the best decision. Also, take the bonus zone data into account while making your choice.

The Difference Between Gen4 & Gen5

HughesNet Gen5 is the company’s most advanced satellite technology that is being used to deliver faster internet speeds with more data options. Before that, HughesNet was using Gen4. It was able to offer the maximum download speed of up to 15 Mbps while with Gen5, it’s 25 Mbps.

If we compare both of these options, Gen5 not just offers better speed, but also has many other features that were previously not available. For instance, video data saver mode is a new addition for customers who want to stream movies and watch videos online. With that, the video quality is automatically adjusted to offer customers more watch time.

Besides that, Gen5 offers more data compared to Gen4. So, those customers who want more data can upgrade their plans or add data tokens to their current plans.

How to Sign Up for HughesNet Internet Services

Once you have made your decision about the data plan that you are going to choose, signing up for HughesNet services is not an issue. You can reach out to the HughesNet sales desk via phone, chat, or use the online portal to place your order.

For that, you can visit the HughesNet website and enter your address to get started. Otherwise, you can dial the phone number 1-855-771-3154 to get the best deal on your internet services.

You can also inquire about the current promotions that are going on and how you can save more money when it comes to one-time charges such as installation or equipment charges.

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