Ideas to Promote Your Print on Demand Store

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Starting a sublimation printing t-shirt business might be one of the best ideas if you are looking to create a source of income. The eCommerce industry continues to grow and should reach more than 4 trillion dollars worth worldwide by the end of 2020. 

In addition, the demand for custom t-shirts is also rising. People want to wear clothes that express their views, such as supporting a political party. Not to mention that there is a possibility to expand your store down the line by adding products other than just t-shirts. For example, face masks and custom mugs are also quite popular.

Nevertheless, despite this popularity in print on demand and ecommerce, starting a venture from scratch is a challenge. And even high-quality products with unique designs will not sell if you fail to promote the store.

The POD niche is competitive, and it is necessary to implement as many different marketing channels as you can. This article should give you ideas on how to create a more effective marketing plan.

Idea #1 – Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing should play a prominent role in your strategy. Since you have a print on demand business, you can get in touch with influencers and offer free goodies in exchange for a shoutout. 

However, if you target S-tier celebrities, they are unlikely to collaborate just for a mug and a pair of t-shirts. In that case, turn your eyes toward micro-influencers

Brands target micro-influencers because they provide a bigger value. These individuals usually have somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 followers and are well-known in their industry. But the most important element is the engagement rate, which tends to be very high among micro-influencers.

Idea #2 – Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is another big part of a successful marketing strategy. Promoting a print on demand store should not be that difficult. You can run ad campaigns, organize giveaways, and join relevant groups to advertise the merchandise.

It is also worth mentioning that Instagram and Facebook have recently added a feature that allows stores to sell directly on social media by integrating their platform. And that is another option you may want to explore.

Idea #3 – Sponsored Content

Publishing sponsored content is a bit tricky. You will need to find bloggers willing to cooperate, and do not expect that they will publish an article with your backlink for free, though there may be some exceptions.

The readers of the original blog will see a link to your website and may click on it. Such traffic is valuable, but an authority website linking back to your page also helps with boosting SEO.

Idea #4 – Search Engine Optimization

Speaking of search engine optimization, a long-term marketing plan will need SEO as well. You will likely have to hire a professional for the job. Taking care of the basics is possible, but you may make a mistake, and the situation will snowball for the worse. 

The emphasis on SEO exists because of how valuable organic traffic from Google and other search engines is. If you manage to rank on top pages, you can expect a surge of new customers regularly.

Idea #5 – Email Marketing

Email marketing is tricky to pull off these days. Nevertheless, you can still collect a solid email list by installing a plugin that automates the job. 

As for getting people to submit their email info, you have a couple of noteworthy options. The first is to create a newsletter in which you send interesting information regarding the business, industry, and other aspects that people may find interesting.

The second option is to provide certain perks to those who subscribe to the email list. For example, you can run exclusive giveaways, offer free shipping, and even discounts on their first purchases.

Idea #6 – PPC Marketing

Google Ads is a platform that stands out when it comes to pay-per-click. The method is not in favor these days because brands tend to focus more on social media, SEO, and influencers.

However, you can still improve your brand’s standing with PPC. You pay for every click on ads, and there is an option to adjust your campaigns in real-time by replacing or removing keywords or rewriting ad copy. And if nothing else, it is a good addition for the sake of variety.

Idea #7 – Attend Live Events

Live events may be tricky because of the pandemic, but they are something to consider once the world returns to normal.

You can give custom-made merchandise for free or wear it yourself while attending events like charity marathons or political rallies. 

Idea #8 – Podcasts

Podcasts are a popular form of pastime because they provide entertainment and education. People love to listen to podcasts while commuting to work or when they want to kill time under other circumstances.

Some podcasts are looking for new guests regularly. It is an excellent opportunity to advertise your brand and talk about the brand. So if there is a podcast you can and would want to join, do not hesitate and go for it.

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