Ways Automatic Passenger Counters Are Improving Public Transport

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Advances in technology have been crucial in helping and changing the ways different businesses are conducted. The public transport industry has received significant changes due to the introduction of a new type of technology. Most technology introduced is made to improve the passenger experience and help drivers be safe while on the road. If you own a public transport company, you are always looking for new ways to make more profit and improve the transportation services you offer.

Just as the name suggests, APCs are a type of electronic device that counts the number of passengers boarding and getting out at different stops. This type of technology is currently used by most public transport fleet companies and has proven vital in many businesses’ success. Below are the ways that automatic passenger counters are going to improve public transport.


Most, if not all, businesses have the goal of making more profit. The same goes for those invested in the public transport sector. The main concept of how most automated passenger counters work is that they count the tickets of those who board the given vehicles. Through this, all revenue can be accounted for, thus finding ways to make a profit is easier. Eyeride products have proven to be crucial in helping many people in the public transport business. They have automatic counters that use the latest technology like live camera recordings and sensors.


As stated earlier, through automatic passenger counters’ utilization, all of the money can be traced back to its origin. Cases of embezzlement of funds are significantly reduced. Drivers can account for the income of their buses and other public transport vehicles. Through this, if there is some money missing, it can be traced back to anyone who mismanaged it. This is crucial in reducing losses and situations where there is embezzlement of resources.


Though it may not be common, accidents may lead to huge losses and may even cause many people to be seriously injured or lose their lives. Businesses have invested a lot in ensuring that the safety of passengers and drivers is improved and assured. Various safety-related technologies have been introduced to the public transport industry. Currently, automatic passenger counters are being fitted together with weight sensors. These types of sensors are used to determine the weight of passengers and luggage. Through this, a driver can be alerted when the maximum weight a given vehicle can safely carry is reached.


By using automatic passenger counters, public transport operations can run with less interference. Most of the time, crew members of public transport vehicles such as trains and busses are forced to file a manual report each time. This may take a lot of significant time and may cause friction between the crew members and driver. Since most things are automated, operations can run smoothly and there is less conflict.


Automatic Passenger counters, together with other technologies, are gradually changing the public transport industry and bring many benefits to the table. It would be best if you considered incorporating technology into your business.

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