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4 Hidden Secrets To Increase Your TikTok Engagement Rate

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Today, success on TikTok needs lots of organic likes, shares, views, and comments. So, if you plan to achieve your profile’s organic engagement on TikTok, start working on consistent methods of TikTok content strategy. Beyond this, if you still want to get your profile’s TikTok engagement rates, there is another option to try to buy TikTok views for your profile. 

This article will guide you with different hidden secrets to increase your engagement rate. Note! We will focus on the actual process of improving your engagement on the platform.

Let us see right now!

1. Three-Second Rule & The Batch Theory

The first three seconds of your TikTok channel are essential. If you don’t appeal to your follower’s attention within three seconds, your video will have less chance of sharing with more people. At the same time, if you engage your TikTok followers within the first three seconds, you can grab their attention instantly, which is why we call it the three-second rule. 

The three-second rule works in combination with the batch theory, which is a vital formula to succeed TikTok’s algorithm. Your TikTok video will be initially shown to a few batches of people so that the algorithm can estimate if it’s engaging enough to share to larger batches or not, depending on the user’s engagement with it. 

Why Use TikTok First Batch Theory?

When the first batch of followers watch your TikTok video till the end, the video will appear on several followers’ For You pages and show to a massive batch of users at the same time. Anyhow, if your TikTok video doesn’t get enough engagement from the first batch of users, your video won’t be displayed across the platform as it is considered unengaging. Sometimes, it is normal to see a TikTok video with 4000 views and another with 800,000 views on the same TikTok profile. 

The primary drawback that marketers experience on TikTok are spending massive amounts and time creating content. Sometimes, TikTok users may get little to no engagement as these low conversion rates prominently occur due to product-heavy content. So, it’s significant to remember TikTok’s Gen Zers as they are not keen on branded and promotional content. Above all, the Gen Zers look for organic and innovative content that engages them within the platform. They could also buy TikTok fans for their profile to gain better engagement from massive audienees globally. 

2. Use The TikTok’s Q&A Feature

Earlier in March 2021, TikTok started its Q&A feature, allowing creators to add a question and answer to their profiles. This Q&A feature on TikTok is present to all the users, which can be found under the account’s bio. In addition, questions can be submitted through a submission box, which will display them on the TikTok’s creator page. Also, the TikTok users can even like and comment within the account’s window. 

Once the questions are posted on TikTok, the creators can react to the audience’s questions with videos. This way, TikTok’s Q&A features create high-appropriate content for your followers and expand user engagement. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you react to several TikTok questions as possible. The more you engage with your TikTok audience, the more your audience will become engaged with your content. 

3. Make Use Of TikTok Analytics To Inform Your New Content 

TikTok analytics offers the best insights by showing who is watching your content and how it engages with your audience. These details can guide you through creating new, unique content depending on your audience’s choice. 

So, start understanding your audience demographics by checking their age, gender, and location. Thus, looking at these details can help you share appropriate content that helps in grabbing your audience base. 

You can also use TikTok analytics to see which of your videos are popular and what content type is relevant to your audience base. These details can assist you in making things more relevant or try unique with your new niche and styles. Once you understand your audience, then it is the right time to begin your follower’s engagement. 

Lastly, like and comment on your audience’s posts, replies, and DMs to generate engagement. You can even follow your TikTok follower’s account, which will help you reveal your account to a massive audience base, and they will likely look to interact with your TikTok account. 

4. Engage With Other TikTok Users

Based on the report, 21% of users feel connected to brands that comment on different people’s TikTok posts. In addition, 61% of the users like it when brands participate in popular trends. If you need to boost your TikTok engagement rates, start entertaining other users. You can even comment on their TikTok videos or even like their TikTok video posts and reply to their comments. As a result, it will assist you in building solid relationships within the community and making more personal connections with your followers. 

Pro Tip: Are you planning to expand your TikTok profile’s engagement rate? If so, start to post engaging TikTok consistently which will enhance the chance of getting more views. So, if you wish to get more engagement results on TikTok, then start to use TikViral as you can get better results. You can read more make content unique


If you wish to stay one step ahead of your competitor, try to stay active on the app to generate a higher engagement rate. If you still need to get regular updates on the recent TikTok engagement ideas, then message us below. I hope you found this article helpful, like this article. 

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