Guide About Investment Banking And Capital Markets 

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Need more information about investment banking and capital markets. Want to dive deep into these branches of finance. Do you want to learn about investment banking and the capital market? We all have a desire to study in the top schools in India. You can enrol for a certificate course affiliated with the best IIM C.

About the investment banking & capital markets 

Investment banking is a financial service that assists businesses with capital raising and mergers and acquisitions advice. Investment banks act as an intermediary between investors and entrepreneurs.

A capital market is a place where buyers and sellers of financial securities like bonds, stocks, and other securities trade (buying and selling). Individuals and institutions are among those who engage in trading. Long-term securities are mostly traded on the capital market. The scale of a country’s capital markets is directly proportional to its economy, meaning that small ripples in one area might generate massive waves in another.

About the course 

The course is built for finance professionals having a minimum of 2 years of experience. This program is created in collaboration with IIM Calcutta. Through this program, one will gain advanced and fundamental knowledge in the field of investment, banking and capital markets. This program aims to provide knowledge to the students, regarding investment and capital markets so they can set up their careers in the finance sector. Apart from that, the disciples will come to know about mergers and acquisitions, security regulations, debt-equity and portfolio management. 

The mode of training in this program would be online. Students will be taught through online live training.

As a criterion for selection, 2 years of relevant work experience is required, as well as a graduation/postgraduate grade point average of at least 50%.

Scope for learning investment banking and capital markets

  • Engaged learning 

The subjects aim for learners with complete knowledge of capital markets and investment. They use different methodologies to impart training. They use case studies. Also, with the help of general discussions on the recent events capital markets, they boost your knowledge and practical thinking skills.

  • Become future leader 

Through this program, learners will be able to connect with the leaders in this field and build new relationships with them. A path of networking will be opened to them. Learners will seek knowledge from them. They’ll be able to see how their leaders perform in different situations. What should be done in an unfavourable condition, will be taught to the learners.

  • Advanced skill

With this program, one will learn technical skills. Complete know-how will be given to the learner. Training techniques will be based on methodologies like case studies which help a learner to analyse and evaluate a particular situation, as a result, their technical and fundamental skills would be enhanced.  Real projects will be assigned to the learners to boost their analytical skills. 

  • Practical Knowledge 

With this course, you will be able to get practical knowledge. You will be given real-time projects. You will have to analyse them to find the reasons for favourable and unfavourable situations. You’d be able to determine what to do in a certain situation. You would be able to find the reason, like why this happens or when does this happen? 

  • Unique curriculum 

A unique curriculum is specially built for finance professionals. It helps in boosting your knowledge of the finance sector. Practical application of ideas and strategies will be taken into consideration to enhance the technical and management skills of the trainees. The wide curriculum that does not only covers fundamental concepts/subjects like Financial Management, Management Accounting, etc. but also covers advanced subjects like Portfolio Management, Securities Market Regulations, Debt Capital Markets etc. So, it provides a wide curriculum. 

  • Situation handling 

You will come in contact with other new aspirations where you can build relationships with them and can know their ways of dealing with a situation. You will also be able to discuss some global topics with them and can observe how they deal with them. As a result, they will come to know different technical skills to solve a problem. 


Making a career in investment banking is a multi-step process that requires education, ambition, networks, hard effort, and occasionally smart work. If you are serious about pursuing a career in investment banking, you should enrol in a professional course to increase your knowledge, technical, managerial, and financing abilities. Imarticus, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, is offering an Investment Banking and Capital Market Course that will assist you in every way possible in advancing your career. Join this training and you will be able to obtain top positions in reputable firms.

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