iPhone 12 Series Looks All Set to Excel on Vox Pop

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Apple took the wrap off its much-awaited iPhone 12 series at the ‘Hi, Speed’ October 13 online event. Going by the first impression, the 2020 iPhones look pretty much on the expected line – in tune with all the leaks and rumours that had been flying thick and fast.

Packed with top-of-the-line specs coupled with vastly improved cameras, iPhone 12 series looks set to dominate the smartphone industry. Though there are some setbacks – in the typical Apple fashion, they don’t seem to be dealbreakers for most.

4 All-New iPhones in 3 Form-Factors

Faced with cut-throat competition, Apple has tried to tighten the grip on both the flagship and mid-tier segments. The resounding success of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 has forced the tech giant to fine-tune its strategy towards the mid-tier segment.

The launch of four new iPhones in three different sizes shows that Apple wants to offer more variety to prospective buyers. While the ultra-compact 5.4″ and the popular 6.1″ models are the low-end models, the mammoth 6.7″ and the upgraded 6.1″ are the high-end models.

Notably, the iPhone 12 series sports a striking resemblance with iPhone 5/5S due to the flat edges. As compared to the slippery rounded edges that have existed on previous iPhones (from iPhone 6 Series to iPhone 11 Series – except iPhone SE 1), the flat sides provide much better grip, thereby reducing slip-offs.

Thanks to the ultra-compact profile, iPhone 12 mini is catching plenty of attention. Despite having a similar form-factor to iPhone 8 (4.7″ screen size), the smartphone sports a 5.4″ inch screen. For those looking for flagship specs in a compact design, the mini promises to be a great choice.

OLED Display Across the Lineup

Despite being highly popular, iPhone 11 was criticized by detractors for having a below par LCD screen. By introducing the Super Retina XDR OLED display even on the lower models like the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, the tech giant has filled a big gap in terms of screen quality.

As a result, the low-end variants are likely to be the crowd puller this year. Not that the predecessors didn’t have the specs to win attention, the 2020 mid-tier iPhones appear to be far more efficient.

Another feature that promises to be the next big thing is the “Ceramic Shield”. What makes it different from any other glass is the advanced crystallization process. It strengthens the construction, providing a much-improved 4x drop protection.

Though the Ceramic Shield doesn’t make the display invincible, it is good enough to ward off scratches.

Vastly-Improved Cameras

The cameras on iPhone 11 Series devices were already ahead of their rivals in several aspects.And with iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max getting some major enhancements, Apple’s smartphones have literally left the competition behind.

Though you can argue that Pixel 5 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have excellent cameras, they fail to deliver a great experience overall. As for iPhone 12 Series devices, they excel both in terms of photography and videography –a rare feat.

Moreover, the introduction of the LiDAR scanner has not only improved the overall performance, but also bolstered the AR capability of the iOS devices.

Finally, 5G iPhones Have Become the Reality

Better late than never! Though Android smartphones have had 5G for quite some time, Apple’s smartphones were lagging in the race. While the 5G train is still in the early stage, the company has introduced the technology across the iPhone 12 Series to make their smartphones future-proof.

Fast A14 Bionic Chip

Apple’s A-Series chip has always been top-notch when it comes to speed and efficiency. And guess what, it continues to be ahead of the curve by a long distance.

While the rivals are still scrambling to match the A13 Bionic, A14 Bionic has further raised the bar.

Apple believes that the latest iteration of the A-Series chip is the fastest smartphone processor to date. As compared to A13 that powers iPhone 11 Series, A14 delivers a significant 16% faster CPU and 8% faster Graphics performance.

Note to mention, when compared to A12, A14 Bionic delivers a whopping 40% improvement on CPU and a 30% boost in graphics.

iOS 14 Preinstalled

All the iPhone 12 models come with iOS 14 out of the box. Boasting a ton of eye-catching features including home screen widgets, App Library, and the super handy Back Tap, the latest iteration of iOS offers full-on customization.

Aside from launching a number of new features, Apple has also doubled down on boosting privacy. Features like the ability to restrict third-party access to Photos app, limited apps’ access to the local network, and prevent apps from accessing precise location plays a vital role in offering enhanced privacy.

For all being feature-rich, iOS 14 is not immune to issues. Barely hours after the official launch, the latest iteration of iOS was reported to trigger several issues including rapid battery drain and sluggishness.

The issues were so prevalent that Apple had to release iOS 14.0.1 with bug fixes. Unfortunately, there are still too many bugs that have been reported by a number of iPhone and iPad users. As always, the company is working on the more stable iOS 14.2 version and may release them soon to get rid of the issues.

No Charging Adapters or Earphones

In what could be termed as a setback, Apple doesn’t provide charging adapters and earphones in the box, asserting that it wants to cut down the carbon footprint. All you get to power up your all-new iPhone is a USB-C to Lightning cable as the tech giant believes that you may already have a charging brick lying in your cupboard.

The truth is a large number of users may not have a capable USB-C power adapter to charge the iPhone 12 series fast. While very few may doubt Apple’s noble intention of protecting the environment, the talk of Apple being a perennial money digger has once again become the flashpoint.

That means, you have to spend money even on buying power adapters and earphones as well. Though it might not necessarily be dealbreakers, many buyers are left scratching their head wondering why Apple has suddenly become so rude.

From what we can tell, the exclusion of power adapters and earphones gives enough indication that Apple is going to make iPhones port-free very soon. So, the sooner you begin to find a way to live without ports, the better it is for you.

Groundbreaking MagSafe

The MagSafe has sort of kickstarted a long-lasting trend that can have a massive impact on not only the way we use iPhones, but smartphones in general. For those unfamiliar, MagSafe is known as the ecosystem of accessories for seamless connectivity and charging.

In terms of offering a more simplified experience, wefind it up to mark and seriously believe that it is going to further enhance iPhone’s reputation as the smartphone that delivers a top-notch user-experience.

The Bottom Line

While iPhone 12 Series devices might not seem to be a major upgrade at least from the outside, they have got several firsts under-the-hood. From the robust Ceramic Shield to innovative LiDAR scanner to the futuristic MagSafe, Apple’s latest smartphones have got enough to warrant a notable upgrade – if not significant.

Equipped with a strong glass and more protective sides, it would be interesting to see how well iPhone 12 series fares when faced with accidental drops. Whether they end up landing in the iPhone repair centres way too soon or live up to the tall claim, I will keep an eye on the development closely.

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