Is Buying Land in Texas a Good Investment?

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Although there is always a degree of risk involved with any investment, purchasing land can often yield positive returns if appropriately handled. Land for sale in north texas is a scarce and vital asset that adds value to any portfolio, both monetarily and experientially. 

Unlike residential and commercial real estate, recreational, naked or raw land does not typically enter people’s minds as a potential investment. That said, if you value time in nature, this could be the best purchase you ever make. 

Tax Deductions 

Possession of undeveloped land could result in tax savings. The land for sale in north Texas itself will not generate revenue; it typically causes expenses in interest, property taxes, and several costs, some or all of which may be deductible depending on the specifics of your situation. Potential tax benefits come from donating conservation easements. 

In addition, an agricultural tax valuation, sometimes known as an ag exemption, may be available to you if you buy it for hunting or raising livestock on the land or having wild stock on the property. You should, of course, consult a tax expert before making any significant purchases.

Investing for Little to No Maintenance

Investment with little to no maintenance does not have to deal with temporary residents, grass care, roof leaks, pipe bursts, etc. Inexpensive and minimal upkeep is possible. A 6.4% rise from last year brings Texas’s average price per acre up to $2,972. The state is divided into seven distinct areas.

Long Term Assets that are Affordable 

Vacant land can be a reasonable investment over longer terms if purchased reasonably. Few or no utility costs will need to be paid, property insurance is cheap, the land won’t break down, property taxes can be manageable in the correct location, and loan rates are highly appealing. Buying land could be a good investment if you’re searching for a place where your money will likely grow in value over time. In 2016, land made up only 20.4% of the total cost of a single-family home in Texas, compared to 33.5 % nationally and more than twice as much as the corresponding shares.


Wood is an often-overlooked resource, and many people don’t consider purchasing land from forestry corporations. Numerous prime acres have forestry firms; buying some of this land might reap future financial benefits from the woods. You should use a timber firm with experience with such sales, a rural estate agent, and a lender timber expert on staff.


Most people do not have access to the kind of capital that would be required to purchase land in a single lump sum. It’s difficult for people to get loans to acquire undeveloped land since traditional bankers don’t comprehend the market. One explanation is that current methods of assessing land value are inadequate.

Lenders who specialize in providing loans for the acquisition and improvement of rural land in Texas might be an excellent resource for anyone intending to purchase land there. There are financing firms that are actually farmers and landowners, so they know what it’s like to be in the shoes of individuals wishing to buy land and start an agricultural buge is available for purchase, including ranches, hunting tracts, home sites, WA, is available for purchaseterfront locations, and more. Land for sale in north texas and homes for sale in Texas are in the tens of thousands on TexasLand.

Would you like to buy a ranch in the great state of Texas? Good news: North Texas is home to a wide variety of ranches for sale, suitable for every budget and purpose. Texas has more farm and ranch land than any other state, with 248,416 farms and ranches spread across 127 million acres. It has the potential to be a relaxing getaway, an authentic working ranch, or all three.

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