Is Projection Mapping Expensive?

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Have you ever wanted an artwork that simply leaves your audiences stunned to the core? Do you feel a need for a technology that, in addition to keeping your audiences engaged, also makes them refer to you when they are looking for stunning video graphics? Well, now with the projection mapping technology, you can always go beyond the boundaries of conventional video making and effects. 

So, what is this piece of magic? Let us enfold and know more about it.   

The idea behind Projection Mapping

Projection mapping involves a great technological spin to the traditional projection on a plain white screen. It is a significant leap in every field of life out there – including education, advertising, and entertainment. In the simplest of the words, projection mapping makes it possible to project images or videos on various surfaces that are not flat or plain white. 

By using this technology, you can transform any given surface into a vibrant display of your video or animation. Be it a building or a car or any other surface, this technological leap of video mapping can turn your object into a mesmerizing display of lights and videos. 

Perhaps, one of the best displays and usage of projection mapping include the Halloween theme displayed at the Nokia Plaza at the LA by Target. The use of 11 projectors to fill the Skeleton Square to life was the best display using projection. 

Why is it so Mesmerising? 

The main reason why projection mapping is taking every industry by storm is that it turns any object life-like. Advancing from the idea of projecting onto a plain white sheet to anything that you would want to, is itself jaw-dropping. However, the projection mapping blows up your audiences as it beautifully wraps around the physical structures of the surface. 

It results in images taking the form of the surface videos are projected on. Some of the examples of small scale uses of projection mapping include projecting virtual clothes onto mannequins or images of shoes on the models. 

Is Projection Mapping Expensive?

A lot of effort goes into bringing this technology to life. From the video making to the special effects and from the choice of a surface to the equipment, what we might be talking about is, on average a $10,000 per minute. This is the estimated cost of a 3D projection mapping technology and its equipment. 

If you are wondering whether projection mapping is expensive and way out of your budget, then you might be partially correct. This technology does not only work with costly equipment but also requires high-quality graphics and video editing. Thus, if you need to work out a budget for your next PR or corporate event, you need to know what determines if projection mapping is expensive.

There is a significant difference between utilizing this technology for larger landscapes and a small advertising campaign. Besides the fact that your event is a large-scale one or on a small-scale, the cost of projection mapping depends on the following factors:

  • Projection area 

Of the most significant factors contributing to the pricing of projection mapping is the surface area on which you want to project. If your surface area is a tall building or a monument, the cost of the equipment will probably shoot up. A lager or taller surface area mandates the use of several projectors as it is important to ensure that the projection covers up the whole area without leaving any spot blank. 

Also, in case of utilizing a public property as a projection surface, the costing might include the price of renting the building for the specified time. Permits to use the public property also requires a great amount of money. 

  • Projection Size 

Not all types of projections need to be equal. Sometimes your video content might include words or some smaller objects rather than a large high-resolution video of ocean waves crashing at the shore. The type of video content alters the size and type of projection significantly – which in turn affects the cost of projection mapping. 

  • Projection distance 

For the same reason as projection surface area and the use of more projectors, the projection distance also alters the cost of using this technology. A shorter projection distance will necessitate the use of more projectors then the ones required for a long-distance projection on the same surface. 

  • Darkening the Surrounding 

If you plan on using this technology at night only, you might be able to get cheap and cost-effective projection mapping equipment. The forced darkening of the surroundings, of course, requires the use of blackout tents maybe, or some other ingenious innovation. Darker surroundings bring out the best experiences for the audience. 

  • Choosing between 2D and 3D

Another significant aspect that affects projection mapping cost, is your choice of 2D or 3D projection. While 3D projections are more eye-catching and, along with the finest of AV equipment, keep the audience engrossed, choosing a 2D projection mapping is less expensive. It is more budget-friendly and is great for small-scale businesses and startups. 

The Takeaway 

So what do you think, is projection mapping expensive? The answer lies in the above factors. If you want to get a good deal for your upcoming advertising project, go and visit an expert and discuss all the above factors. These points will determine how expensive this technology is for your firm. 

However, the biggest and most significant aspect is the return on investment (ROI). If the prospects of your success include a huge ROI then investing in a costly technology that only aids your success is not bad. 

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