Is Rick and Morty an Appropriate Show for Kids?

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Just because something is a cartoon show, it doesn’t mean that it has to be for kids. There are many cartoon shows and animated series out there that are not for kids at all. These shows have violent stuff and inappropriate content that is just not right for kids. 

In this article, we are going to talk about one of such shows here. 

Rick and Morty instantly became a phenomenon when the show first came out in December 2013. But is Rick and Morty for Kids? 

Keep reading to find answers to all your questions about Rick and Morty.

What is Rick and Morty?

Rick and Morty is a popular cartoon series that is aimed at an adult audience. This cartoon show is the creation of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The show is from the sci-fi comedy genre, and it has gained immense popularity and fanbase over the years. 

Rick and Morty is an ongoing series. As of now, the 5th season of the cartoon series is under development. Fans are waiting for this show as much as the awaited upcoming movies. Rick and Morty Season is set to release on June 20, 2021. 

This series is all about the incredible adventures of the scientist Rick Sanchez and his not-so-smart grandson Morty. Together, both these characters keep getting into impossible situations that are both comedic and mysterious.    

Is Rick and Morty Anime or Cartoon?

Rick and Morty is a cartoon show. Many people think that it is anime, but it is not. It is an American cartoon series and contains a lot of adult material. 

The plot of this show and all the references in it are about American Culture. This show has received a lot of positive reviews among the older audience because it is unlike anything people have ever seen before. This show is a whole new take in the sci-fi genre with amazing twists and turns that will keep you hooked to it for hours.   

Is Rick and Morty for Kids?

Rick and Morty is not a show for kids. This show has got a lot of violence and gory stuff. There are also a lot of sexual references and filthy language that is just straight-up inappropriate for kids. 

And it is not just because of this stuff, most of the jokes in the show are just not for kids under 14. They won’t get what the show is about it. 

So, Rick and Morty for kids? Well, it obviously is not. The language part and the sexual references in the show are not right for the kids. 

Rick and Morty Age Rating

Since this show contains a lot of stuff that is not appropriate for kids, you should keep your kids away from it. The minimum age rating for this is 14 and above. 

You don’t want your kids to be exposed to the violent stuff and inappropriate language being used in the show. 

So, unless your kids are 14 or above, Rick and Morty is not a show for them. It is one of the most important Rick and Morty cartoon series facts that you need to be aware of. 

Is Rick and Morty Worth Watching?

This show is a great source of entertainment for adults. Critics regard it as one of the best and the most creative shows out there. 

The complex ideas in this show and the way they are presented make it a must for everyone. This show contains a lot of 18+ content and if you are into that kind of stuff, we recommend this show for you. 

So, is Rick and Morty Worth Watching?

Absolutely! This show has got comedy, action, unique storylines and so much more. Plus, it has a lot of seasons that you can watch. Currently, the 5th season is under development. The storyline is getting quite interesting. Fans are excited to see what is going to happen in the latest season. 

You can watch Rick and Morty on a lot of free online streaming services. All the seasons of Rick and Morty are available to download on Movierulz for viewers. We recommend going to paid sites because these sites host the show the same day it gets released all around the world. 

Is Rick and Morty Over?

When the Rick and Morty season 4 ended on May 2021, fans were quite distressed over the news of the show being over. 

But the good news is, the show is back. 

Rick and Morty are going to have a 5th season. The show has a release date of June 20, 2021. This show is going to be available on many paid and free online streaming services. 

According to one source, season 5 is going to have about 10 episodes. Although, there is more to come with the next seasons. So, buckle up because Rick and Morty is far from over.  

How to Watch Rick and Morty Online?

You can watch the latest and all the previous seasons of the show on Netflix. Season 5 of the show is going to be on the E4 Channel. You can also watch it from there. 

You can also use Kisscartoon Rick and Morty to watch the show from there. Once the new season gets released, it is going to be available on all the popular free and paid streaming sites. 

You can also use the paid mobile app of Netflix to watch Rick and Morty on your android or iPhone device. 

Final Words

Rick and Morty is a popular American animated show for adults. This show is not appropriate for kids because it contains a lot of violence and sexual references. So, if you are wondering is Rick and Morty for Kids? Then no. This show is for kids over the age of 14 only. 

So, you should try and keep your kids away from it if you don’t want to expose them to inappropriate stuff. If you have any questions about the Rick and Morty Show, feel free to reach out to us.   

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