15 Alternatives to KissCartoon – Watch HD Anime and Cartoons for Free

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Kiss Cartoon – Every kid likes to watch cartoons and adults have a taste for anime. What if tell you that you can find both on kisscartoon. This is a website that has HD stuff for everyone and it doesn’t discriminate on rich and poor people. Anyone can come here and watch cartoons for free. You can watch your favorite tv shows like Rick and Morty on this for free. The settings of location-enabled on your device doesn’t change what kind of content you can see on this wonderful website. You can find hundreds of cartoons and anime that you won’t get on any other platform. There are many cartoons and not only famous cartoons but also cartoons that are underrated. This is a place for anime lovers and people who lie tow watch animated movies and stuff.

There are plenty of other sites like this but they can’t provide you with the content and anime that this site can. You will try to find content on other websites but it won’t be available there. You will search for days but you would not be able to find them on any other site except kiss cartoon. There are plenty of reasons that users choose to kiss cartoon for their streaming. If you search Rick and Morty kiss cartoon you will be able to find it on their website very easily. Although Rick and Morty aren’t an anime it is a cartoon so it is available on their website.

Which is the Kisscartoon?

Once a website or a thing gets famous, many fake things come out. They are pretty much similar to each other but they are not the same. Or you can put it this way, they are not even remotely the same. You can find many people doing everything to tell you that this is the real kisscartoon. Maybe it can be the real one, but for you to really find out the real one, you have to search deeply. This can only be done with one thing. Choose the kiss cartoon website you think is the real deal. Go on to the first page of it and you will see a search button. Well, If you don’t eve find a search button then that means you are on the wrong website. There are plenty of fake websites claiming to kiss cartoon websites.

Beware of such sites because they have bugs and viruses and whatnot. Jesus, they are so full of filth that you can’t even imagine. There is a very big difference between a fake one and a real one. Kisscartoon.com is the real one but it got closed down a long time ago. I’ll mention the best alternatives to this website at the end of this article.

Where can I watch Cartoons for Free?

You can watch cartoons at any paid subscription but if You want them for free it is almost impossible. Their reason for that is they have copyrights. If anyone tries to strike your content then your ratings go down. It is necessary that you keep track of your content and don’t let anyone display it on their website. If they don’t give you any credit for that you would be pissed at them for sure. The same is with cartoons and anime creators. If somebody steals there content and displays on their website, they try to take it down before it gets viral.

There is only one way to watch cartoons for free and that is by using kiss cartoons. It is the only platform with free access to your favorite cartoons and anime. You can find most of the cartoons here without going anywhere else. We are not talking just about cartoons. We also mean the movies and animated stuff that is shown in kiss cartoons. There are plenty of animated movies and other stuff available for your usage. So take a longbow and find it.

Which KissCartoon is Safe?



I don’t think people understand that these websites don’t have clones. They have a single website and they don’t produce copies of it. They might change the domains but there is only one Kisscartoon. The domain name might be different but there is very little to do with the content in it. The original website will have all the content in it and nothing else. You can find the best anime and cartoons in it but you won’t be able to find the rest of it. There might be very minor changes in the fake websites. You should be sharp enough to figure them out. For example, Kisscartoon gives out content in full HD. If the website doesn’t have a single HD Anime then it is definitely a hoax,

How to Train your Dragon Kisscartoon

We all have watched this animated movie when we are kids. A little while ago. Kit Harrington did a nice cameo with the Dragon from this movie. It got millions of views on Facebook and YouTube. That shows the popularity and importance of this cartoon for people. They have become adults but they still like to watch such stuff and enjoy it. Children have officially declared it as their favorite movie whenever they watch it. It also has a second part. How to Train your Dragon is easily available on kiss cartoon. You can find it on their servers and also you can download it easily.

You will see that this website also has all the other tv shows and animated movies in it. You can probably find all the Shrek movies in Kisscartoon. With this website, you don’t have to look anywhere for your favorite content. Just check these out and find your favorite movie or animated show readily.

How to Download From Kisscartoon?



Follow These really easy steps to download your favorite movie or anime from Kisscartoon. You will find this downloading guide very easy to understand and implement.

  • Check out the best stuff on the home page first and then choose your favorite cartoon. It will be difficult to choose with so many options.
  • Click on the link of that cartoon or anime and let it load. When it has been loaded completely, You go in and watch it.
  • Watching it first is necessary because it may be spam by hackers to get clicks and money.
  • When you have confirmed that this is the real cartoon then you can easily download it.
  • It is the same as downloading a video from Facebook or YouTube. You will copy the link of the video and paste it.
  • You will paste it on any video downloader which allows video downloads in HD quality.
  • After pasting click the video quality option and start the download. Your download will get started very quickly. Make sure you have a fast internet connection.

Why is the Kisscartoon down?



Kisscartoon is a very major platform for video streaming and inline anime viewing. You can’t just think that you are the only person who wants to watch a nice quality anime in full HD. There are plenty of millennials and adults over the world who like to watch such stuff online for free. Especially the guys from third world countries. These guys have sworn not to pay a single dime on the internet. That’s why they choose Kisscartoon over any other platform. You will find it very unique and catchy. This is the reason that it gets a lot of traffic and you are unable to find your favorite tv show or animated movie. Feel free to check our 15 Alternatives in the last part of the article. You will surely like our recommended websites because they all load so fast. If you have any suggestions, tell us in the comment section.

How to use ad-block on Kisscartoon?

15 Alternatives of your Favorite Channel

15 Alternatives of your Favorite Channel

This is very simple if you follow our steps. Following is the steps, just keep an eye on them while downloading the ad blocker.

  • Open Google and search the chrome adblocker. Or search the ad blocker for the browser you are currently using.
  • Click on the official Google link for adblocker and download it readily.
  • It will ask for confirmation and you will confirm it.
  • After that go to Kisscartoon website and browse through your favorite anime and cartoons. You will most probably not find any ads or pop up ads.

15 Alternatives to Kisscartoon

15 Alternatives of your Favorite Channel

15 Alternatives of your Favorite Channel

To be very honest, there is no real competitor to Kisscartoon. But you still need alternatives if you can’t find Kisscartoon in your country. It is banned in countries with strict laws because it is providing free content to people. Kisscartoon gets its income only from ads. So don’t use adblockers while using their website. You will find it very good and everything will be free. Give the guys a chance to earn some money of their own on the internet.

Anime Toon


This is a wonderful platform for anime watchers. You can find most of your animes on this website. Most of the content that is being offered is available in HD.



This is a nice online forum for HD animated movies and also some anime. You will surely like what they have to offer. Check out their premium version you’ll love it.



This is the most important anime series platform for online viewers. You will definitely enjoy the content that this has to offer. Check out their website today.

Cartoon Network


The Cartoon network doesn’t require any introduction. It is a wonderful platform with hundreds and thousands of episodes available. This is the best American content platform.



Cartoon crazy has all the paid cartoons available on their website. Search for top cartoon and animated series like Rick and Morty, Bojack horseman, and others.



This js the platform dedicated spacially to anime viewers. This also has the best-animated movies and cartoons which require no introduction.

Disney Junior


Disney is the platform with content for both adults and children. Their efficiency for children has gone to a long distance and they have started Disney junior.



Kim cartoon will get you the best Cartoon and tv shows with animation for a freeze. Their paid version has a nice ring to it.

Cartoons On


Watch your favorite cartoons and tv shows with animation and check out their HD quality content. You will surely love what it has to offer.



This is the king in the anime business and requires no introduction. You can find all the anime and popular cartoons for free and that too in HD.



This is the new domain for Kim cartoon, check which domain works. These platforms are shut down many times so check which is available in your region.



As the name suggests, this is the best cartoon website with free stuff rolling everywhere. You will get a nice entertainment experience watching it.



Mastering is a renowned website with a variety of tv shows, movies, and cartoons available on demand. Watch your favorite stuff on this website.



It is the website of the popular channel Nickelodeon which has millions of views era all around the world. Check out your favorite shows.



Watch your favorite dubbed in different languages, mainly in English and Japanese. You Will really enjoy your time here.

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