10 Best Ideas for Keeping Your Luggage Safe While Traveling

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If you have lost your luggage when traveling, I bet you know the pain and stress of looking and never finding it. Traveling can sometimes be challenging, especially when you have more items that you need to safeguard. Whether traveling by road, train, or air, the challenge of keeping your luggage safe always exists. 

There is no need to worry or stress yourself when traveling. All you need are the right tips to keep the luggage safe. Here are some guidelines to keep your luggage safe when traveling.

Use Ties and Belts to Fasten the Luggage

There are different belts, ropes, and ties that you can use to fasten your items. This is crucial for those who love camping. Sometimes you may have excess items, and you need to store some on the jeep roof rack; hence you need zip ties, cable ties, and ropes to fasten them, so they do not fall as you drive. Sometimes you may also store other gears on the roof rack; hence you need to ensure they are safe by fastening them using belts. 

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Separate the Items While Traveling

When traveling, you need at least two bags to store various items. Whether traveling by air, sea, road, or rail, you need a backpack that will probably protect the sensitive and essential things you bring along for the trip. You can have a bag to store electronics and work-related materials. The bag should always be on you or closer to you at all times. The other luggage can go into the other bags, such as a suitcase. 

Use Locks

Suitcases have keypads that can key in lock digits; however, these locks can be bypassed easily. You need locks for additional safety and to fasten the zips to ensure they do not open, especially when traveling on rough roads. You can buy a lock to give you the peace to nap or roam around without worrying about the bag’s security. You can provide the other key to the person you are traveling with so that in case you lose the key, you have a spare one.

Classify the Items

When traveling with different items, you need to sort them out effectively. You need to separate the non-fragile from the fragile. You also need to have stickers and labels to indicate fragile items so that luggage handlers can handle them with ease. The stickers will also ensure the luggage is loaded or offloaded safely and put in the right compartment. 

Arrive at the Checkpoint Early

You need to plan your trip responsibly and ensure you arrive early at the bus, train station, or airport. A last-minute rash can lead to you losing some luggage; sometimes, you can also forget essential items in the bag hence exposing them to the risk of theft. Reach early, check-in your bags orderly, confirm they are checked, and sort the crucial from non-crucial. 

Have a Checklist

If you are traveling with many bags, especially when relocating from one town to another, you need a checklist of all your items. You can store a small checklist on your phone that you can confirm during check-ins and when picking up your luggage at the destination. This will help you keep track of all the items and ensure they arrive at your destination.

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Embrace Technology

Various technologies can help you keep your luggage safe. This includes trackers on the bag so that you can confirm the location of your bag. The tracker can also show you when the bag is in motion so that you can monitor it. The safety systems can also include alarms if someone tries to open the bag forcefully. Ensure the technology is hidden; you can put it inside the bag. One of the best technologies is using GPS devices linked to your phone.

Use Bags of Different Colors

If you do not have a checklist, you need something else to recognize your bags. Having bags of different colors will be a good idea to trace all the bags. It is much easier to identify all your bags based on different colors than having them in one color. The colors also ensure the bags do not mix with others.

Use Tags to Identify the Bags

You need to track and mark your bags using different tags. You can use two tags to identify the bags, one inside and outside. You do not have to write all your contact details on the tags for privacy; you can include your name and the destination. The tags will help you claim the bags easily in case of any mix-ups. Ensure the tag color is different from the bag color for easy identification.  

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A Good Insurance Policy

The insurance policy is necessary when traveling with sensitive and expensive items. You should not have stress whenever you lose the luggage because you can claim compensation for the loss. You also need to exercise the necessary precautions because losing the luggage through your negligence will not yield any successful settlement. Moreover, you can include the sensitize as part of your insurance travel policy.


You need to be cautious when traveling to ensure your luggage arrives safely. You need to develop an organized strategy for safety, tracking, identifying, and sorting out all your items. You also need to maintain sight of the luggage if you can. If you have many sensitive and expensive items, ensure you have some insurance policy to cover them. 

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