Which Are The Platforms To Learn How To Trade Bitcoin?

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One positive (and negative) aspect of cryptocurrencies, cryptographic protocols, and bitcoins is that these concepts’ technology and practical application are relatively new. So, although there will be early adopters, it is a reality that the ecosystem requires a great deal of understanding, particularly if you are just getting started in your exploration of the subject. Fortunately, several trustworthy resources are available to help you get up to speed and understand what this technology is all about, so check them out. In this post, I’ve prepared a list of some of the finest free courses available online from which you may take advantage.


It is an excellent resource for individuals who want to understand cryptocurrency fundamentals, such as purchasing, selling, and mining, in a short amount of time. As a result, this is one of the finest tools a novice may utilize to learn fast and effectively in a short time. It is a free course offered on the Coursera platform by Princeton University that teaches the fundamental principles of cryptography and connects them to the fundamentals of bitcoin. It is a video course where the speaker discusses how decentralization implements, how bitcoins are stored, and how bitcoins mine in the process. 

Even though you will not get a degree upon completing this course, you will gain valuable information presented in a manner that exposes you to bitcoin and cryptocurrency concepts while stressing bitcoin security. While this is an excellent resource, you should look at other approaches to better understand the many aspects of the bitcoin ecosystem. Are you looking for the best platform to learn how to make money? Visit

Edx – Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies – University Of California, Berkeley

This course, offered via the EdX platform by UC Berkeley, is distinct from previous classes in that it includes a part on electronic voting machines (EVM) (Ethereum Virtual Machine). It’s worth noting that the teachers for this course were members of the @Berkeley group’s blockchain, which is intriguing. You may audit this course for free, as you do with other EdX courses, but if you want a validated certificate as evidence that you finished this course, you will have to pay $99. You should take this course if you’re going to study at a more leisurely pace than what the Coinbase flashcards can provide. 

Edx – An Introduction To The Hyperledger Blockchain And Its Applications

The Linux Foundation (which is developing a hyper ledger architecture) provides this EdX course, an introductory course to blockchain technology. It also discusses the importance of Hyperledger in this area and the tools that are accessible. In this course, the blockchain concept is introduced so that non-technical business audiences can understand and connect. It is separate from any topics around cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, bitcoin, and other digital currencies. Although it is a free course, obtaining an EdX verified certificate as evidence of completion will cost you USD 99.

Developerworks – A Must-Have For Blockchain Enthusiasts

It is a video course that is created as a result of a collaboration with IBM. The lecturers are also developers from IBM’s Blockchain Enablement business, who will be teaching the class. It teaches the fundamentals of blockchain technology and includes a lab and demo component that allows you to interact with and experiment with the HyperLedger framework. It is more technical than the previous course; nevertheless, it is intended for crypto novices and non-technical cryptocurrency users.

Earnings From Coinbase

Taking advantage of free educational opportunities and making money while doing so are two completely different things! Other typical courses covering Bitcoin and Ethereum will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the many cryptocurrencies and altcoins available. You will get a reward for a certain quantity of bitcoin for each quiz question you answer right on the subject of your choice. At the very least, it will provide you with something with which to practice following the training.


Learning about cryptocurrencies is not much simpler these days, despite the significant number of materials accessible on the internet. A straightforward method to achieve your crypto learning objectives is to go to World Finance Review, where you will get all of the knowledge you need regarding cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, this post includes various free bitcoin classes that you may take advantage of to learn more about the cryptocurrency market.

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