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Local SEO And How Can You Apply It On Your Site

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Ranking your website on a search engine is becoming increasingly difficult and even expensive if you consider engaging with a good digital marketing agency in Bangalore to achieve good results. The internet is exploding with new content every day, and search engines are always improving their algorithms to deliver the best content to the user. While there are many rules followed by search engine algorithms, one of the best-known rules is keywords in your website URL and content. The hunt for keywords has kept SEO company in Bangalore and website designers running around to gain an edge over others.

However, with so much content being generated by people worldwide every day, the competitive arena of SEO is becoming ever more challenging. 

You can no longer have just a few generic keywords on your website and expect traffic to multiply overnight. SEO requires a lot of planning and strategy to achieve good results. 

The right approach amidst such huge competition is market segmentation. The most important thing you have to realize as a business owner is that you don’t need to rank at the top in a generic search of your product category on a search engine because most retail businesses have customers localized in a specific region in the vicinity of its operation and the remaining traffic will be useless in terms of revenue. 

This is the idea behind local SEO, and it brings many added benefits along with it both in terms of revenue and digital marketing. Select the right web design company in Bangalore, and they will tell you all about it.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a useful strategy for local retail businesses with its customer base concentrated on a locality or a region. There are many such businesses like retail shops, restaurants, clinics, and many more. These businesses get customers from nearby locations only due to the business transaction’s inherent nature, which requires physical proximity. Local SEO could help boost the customers and revenue for such local businesses by helping their websites get a top rank in a localized search. Most digital marketing agency in Bangalore use local SEO as a part of their overall SEO strategy.

When people want to find a dentist in Bangalore city, they will not be searching just “dentist” on google. They will use “dentist in Bangalore” or a similar search string in the SEO. Even if they don’t use a localized search, search engines are designed to detect their location and prefer businesses located in the user’s vicinity.

But how does the search engine come to know where your business is located? It can know this only if you include the name of the locality in your website content. Depending on the type of your business, including local SEO keywords like “dentist in Bangalore,” “Doctor in Indiranagar,” or “Hotel in Whitefield,” you can tell the search engine the exact location of your business and rank higher in a specific local search.

How does Local SEO benefit your business?

The right digital marketing agency in Bangalore will guide you about the right local SEO strategy for your business. Local SEO helps your business in many ways, like:

  • Increases relevant traffic: By using highly specific keywords, local SEO helps you achieve market segmentation and drive only relevant traffic to your website. This increases the chances of traffic getting converted to revenue and reduces unwanted traffic, which does not convert. By using Local SEO, you are no longer being visited by people from far off places which are not going to buy from you. 
  • Market Segmentation: By ranking higher for a specific locality, your business could become more visible to your locality people who are much more likely to become your customers, resulting in improved market share in your locality. Local SEO lends itself beautifully to the tried and tested marketing strategy of segmentation.
  • Added benefits: Since you are driving only relevant local traffic to your website with Local SEO, other metrics used by search engines like time-on-page, click-through rate, and bounce rates improve for your website, thus achieving synergy in your SEO efforts. It boosts your efforts at ranking your website overall in search engine results.

Local SEO helps your business have a more targeted digital marketing approach and enables you to achieve your SEO goals faster. Local SEO is a great way to improve your SEO rankings. It is increasingly becoming difficult to rank high on search engine results. Local SEO is an important tool for any email marketing company in Bangalore, a social media marketing company in Bangalore, or a video production company in Bangalore.

How to implement Local SEO on your website?

You can implement local SEO on your website using nearby localities’ names where your customers are likely to come from as keywords. You can look up keywords in many keyword tools like,,, and many more like these available online. A good digital marketing agency in Bangalore will help you find the right keywords to rank for.

Try combining your locality with the keywords and use them in your website content. For example, instead of just dentists, use “dentist in Bangalore” or “dentist in Whitefield” as a keyword to facilitate your website ranking for localized search. You could add content about your neighborhood, and the content could have keywords like these to drive traffic to your website. 

Alternatively, you could also add our business’s location as a part of your website to a “Contact Us” page. This helps Google find your site and rank your website in a localized search targeted at your locality. A good website design company in Bangalore could make your website look better and more authentic with your location and contact information mentioned in it. This is an elegant way to incorporate Local SEO on your website and also improve traffic. This should be a suggestion from your SEO company in Bangalore.


Google keeps improving its search algorithms to provide a better user experience focused on ranking the most relevant and informative results at the top. Physical distance is a crucial parameter for search results that are not going to change in the near future. Aiming to rank higher in a targeted, localized search is much more comfortable and plays into the search engine algorithms’ hands. 

Local SEO is a great way to improve your SEO rankings. It is increasingly becoming difficult to rank high on search engine results. Local SEO helps you segment your market to focus on more relevant customers in your vicinity. It helps focus your website traffic and convert a higher percentage of it to revenue. Local SEO should be a part of your overall SEO strategy. Partner with a good digital marketing agency in Bangalore to get your SEO strategy right. 

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