Magento Personalization Strategies That Can Help Boost Your Revenue

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In today’s times, the e-commerce business is growing and spreading like a wildfire. Almost every day a number of new e-commerce startups are launched and different businesses are striving hard to make their online presence making the business tough and increasing the competition. To stand out you must come up with a number of innovative sales techniques and successful conversions.  

Magento is one such leading eCommerce platform that is utilized by over 200,000 online retailers. Magento has helped many businesses and retailers to successfully increase their online sales and enhance online presence.   

However, nowadays consumers have very complex buying and decision-making processes. Due to the increase in online stores customers research and compare the prices and specs on different eCommerce sites. Customers also compare the eCommerce sites for trustworthiness and customer service before making the final buying decision. 

Consumers usually tend to engage more with personalized marketing messages, special offers, and discounts. Hence the key to expanding your customer base and loyalty is offering a  consolidated and personalized shopping experience across various online and offline channels. The same goes for the businesses using Magento as their eCommerce platform and they use magneto personalization for the same purpose. Connect to online platforms like Magento Agency London and learn about different features in detail.

Magento personalization is the process of using personalization tools and tactics for improving the marketing strategy and to enhance customer experience and sales.

Creating a personal Customer Experience is not that easy, but the following are the few simple yet effective Magento personalization strategies that will help you to offer a personalized experience:

Customer segmentation

Segmentation is the base for an effective and useful personalization strategy. Customer segmentation is the process of dividing customers into small segments on the basis of common attributes that facilitates making effective targeting and marketing strategies.

Segmenting your audiences is an extremely important process as it enables you to deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns. In order t offer personalized marketing, it is not enough to collect generic behavioral data. You need to segment this data further in-depth to understand the minor details of your customers, so as to be able to serve personalized content.

As the customers continue to shop on your website, with the help of analytics, the segment’s information about their preferences is reflected in the database. 

Once you have all the data in your database, then it is possible to have targeted marketing initiatives such as personalized offers, prices, coupons, and banners modified based on the updated searches.

Without this step of segmentation, you will deliver less engaging and generic messages to your customers which will result in a low conversion rate.

Promote the best products of each category to your segments

Once you are done with segmenting your customers into different groups, then it’s time to move ahead and implement a few of the best personalization strategies.

One such personalization strategy is showcasing your best-selling products on strategic locations of your eCommerce store. Once you have the data about the products that the customers are looking for, then you can display the best selling products and offers from that product category on your homepage, category page, or cart page.

This will help to increase conversion rates. This strategy can be customized for a particular segment of customers on the basis of age, gender, and location for a specified time period.  

When showcasing the products on your page, you can display the price, add user ratings, and add-to-cart/wish list button. 

Getting noticed by your audience is getting more complex and expensive. So what is a marker to do? Well, one of the things that businesses are opting for is customer advocacy. 

What better to trust than something coming straight from the horse’s mouth? By relying on customers, their followers- companies can be more effective in spreading their brand message and attain success in their campaigns. One of the best ways to do this is by user-generated content. Here are some great user-generated content strategies that work. So focus more on your content and target your segment through right platform.

Optimization of price and offers

Strategizing the pricing and offers collectively is very important for boosting the revenue of your eCommerce business. Offers, promotional schemes, and offering free products is what excites the customers the most and makes them enter your website.  

That’s the reason why the tactic of ‘buy one get one free’ works the best and is considered as the most effective sales strategy. When a customer buys one item of utility and gets another one for free, it looks like a bonus. 

Magento 2 extension allows you to create campaigns to promote your least and most expensive product and also helps to promote deals and promotional offers. 

Optimize your homepage

Your homepage is the first thing that one sees when they visit your website. It should be attractive and appealing as it is the face of your website. The customers might visit your website through direct links or promotional campaigns. But they will continue to browse further only if they like the homepage. 

Most of the customers are attracted by the appearance of the homepage of your website. Therefore, optimizing your homepage is very important.

If your homepage is not appealing, the viewer will not browse further and will not even look at the products.  The main purpose of the homepage is to engage the customers and drive them to the product or category page. 

Magento allows you to design, customize, and improvise your homepage and add sales banners and many more things while optimizing.

Email marketing

Email marketing might sound like an outdated and old marketing technique, but it is not. In fact, email marketing has the ability to affect your business to a great extent and generate revenues. Personalized emails and reminders are appreciated by the customers as it offers a more personal touch.

Emails are a more personal and direct way to communicate with your customers and it helps to build a loyal relationship with the customer which can help you in the long run.

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