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How Marketing Teams Plan Recognition Methods to Uplift the Company’s Name?

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Brand awareness and outreach are essential for any business. It is as important as your product or any other competitive strategy. Marketing is one of the ultimate needs of your business. If your produce and company’s word is not there, it isn’t easy to sell and run your business. Like every other domain and industry out there, marketing dynamics and realities have also evolved significantly. Gone are the days when the big flashy street hoardings or numerous loops of your jingle ad will bring the sales and increment in customers and relevant revenues.

The consumer of modern times already gets bombarded with multiple ads and ruthless marketing. They are already relatively fast-moving and have minimal attention available for brands. Additionally, consumers are more aware and knowledgeable, and they can sense any snake oil scheme altogether. Therefore, modern brands are taking an innovative route to gain access to customers’ minds. Since we expect businesses to be upright, ethical, humane, and empathetic, brand uplifting and outreach strategies get designed around social recognitions.

These days, companies are actively engaging and want to associate their brand with supporting CSR programs, initiating local county development foundations, recognizing employees with performance awards, etc. The idea is to build an image of societal good and the commercial activity of the business. Similarly, it adds more value to the company and attracts top talent, the motivation of staff, support of local communities, etc. There are many creative and exciting ways to plan recognition initiatives to build the brand. Let’s take a look at some of them:


One of the most common yet the most effective way to improve the brand is by recognizing your employees’ efforts. Apart from getting the usual benefits of motivating staff and boosting their morale, there are many other unique ways. The reputation of a better workplace for employees can attract the best talent available out there, which can provide you a competitive advantage. Similarly, such promotions break the cycle of mediocrity and inspire staff to perform well.

You can provide them appreciation in the form of souvenirs in the organized recognition ceremonies. In today’s lockdown times, you can set up digital promotional material and announce the efforts of their outstanding performances. Another better way to regard the best employees’ services is to provide them incentives like a vacation trip to another country, an increment in salaries, etc.  Hence, we all know that employees are the driving force for better performance, but they are the real marketing medium for your brand. Often, employees can provide word-of-mouth branding and a positive image of the company if they get treated and regarded well.


Every business wants eyeballs and recall about their brand. Supporting social events is one of the best ways to do it. You can select and look for the relevant social and recreational events to find your target audience. For example, if you are a brand that targets music lovers — local music festivals, singing talent hunt competitions, etc., can be your right platforms. Other than getting the right audience about your brand, there are many other advantages. Firstly, your brand image will be perceived not as just a seller of a product or service but a loyal supporter and advocate of your category. You will get a sweet spot image in your potential customers’ minds. Similarly, such associations can also provide you detailed insights about your customers and offer better opportunities to collaborate on similar lines. In this way, your brand will get recognized as someone who appreciates and recognizes community people’s efforts.


No company would like an image of a greedy capitalist. On the noble front, it is also essential to address and support the community by helping them out in social causes. In this recognition method, your brand will get good mileage without boasting about the product yet spread the message across. There are many examples of corporations supporting charities in need like Coca Cola donated $2 Million for the flood victims in 2011 in Thailand. Additionally, it is a nice gesture to giving back to your community of vendors, consumers, and employees.


In addition to donations to charities, there are many other avenues where marketing teams can plan their recognition activities to improve the brand image. One way is to support the social causes and initiatives that can positively help society. Your brand can initiate its initiative or contribute to the ones that can be related to your industry. For example, companies offer scholarships and internships in industry-related institutions and universities. Similarly, many pharmaceutical companies initiate research programs to provide relevant studies and insights that can help societies. Such support to social causes brings a positive image above all competitors and even for the other industries.


As discussed, marketing is crucial for your business. And the innovation in your marketing efforts determines the result in brand uplifting. Apart from conventional marketing tactics and mindset, it is essential to recognize the power of brand perception and related customer loyalty. In the world of competition, where product quality is not a defining factor, and products are almost homogenous, branding is not a “good-to-have” but a “must.” Therefore, any business needs to empathize with the community and customer, strategize the marketing plans accordingly. Otherwise, all will get considered as just another campaign or systematic self-praising marketing effort.  

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