Mobile vs. Desktop Poker – Which is Better?

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Mobile vs. Desktop Poker – Which is Better?. The rise of mobile gaming as a multi-billion dollar industry has impacted all gaming markets, not just video gaming. With smartphone penetration rising in developing markets, as well as the increased focus on mobile-first gaming from major development houses, it’s looking increasingly likely that mobile will be the future of the gaming industry.  

Does this mean, then, that the future of digital poker lies in the mobile realm? Let’s take a look!  

Poker on Desktop 

Playing poker on a PC is as old as digital poker itself. During the early days of online poker, gamers actually programmed the games themselves, communicating through IM services as they played. 

The advent of online casino platforms revolutionised how gamers were able to access and play poker games, effectively providing a blueprint for many other formats of real-money digital gaming in the process.  

Playing poker on a desktop is, undoubtedly, the most ergonomic way to play the game online. Professional poker players, for instance, will make use of a powerful gaming rig or high-tech laptop to conduct their marathon sessions. 

Meanwhile, the layout of a digital poker room on a bigger screen is easy to navigate for beginners or people new to playing online.  

Additionally, playing poker on a desktop remains the preferred choice for many gamers simply because it’s easier to make deposits and withdrawals. 

There’s also the option amongst most leading platforms to download poker software directly to a PC or laptop – something that even the most advanced gaming smartphone doesn’t have the storage space for. 

Poker on Mobile 

That doesn’t mean, however, that mobile isn’t having an impact on digital poker. Poker gaming apps have been in mainstream app stores since the mid-2010s and their popularity isn’t looking to wane anytime soon.  

Of course, the best poker apps for mobile are effectively small-scale versions of fully-functional digital casinos. The functionality of all the games offered remains the same as that of their desktop equivalents. Creating a unified brand experience across both desktop platforms and mobile gaming apps is essential for gaming operators, so the quality of gameplay isn’t going to suffer as a result of it being accessed on a smaller screen. 

Mobile poker also has a unique convenience that desktop gaming simply isn’t able to offer – gaming on the go functionalities.  

While in theory it is possible to play poker games on a laptop while travelling, it’s much more labour-intensive than simply opening up an app on your smartphone and being able to access games instantly thanks to your data connection. To run properly on a laptop, digital poker platforms need good internet speeds – which is something that’s not always a given when travelling.  

Which is Better? 

Both playing poker on a desktop and playing via a mobile app have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, which is better is entirely down to your preferences as a gamer.  

Mobile gaming apps will give you instant access to poker games – provided you have an adequate data connection – but desktop gaming can be more comfortable if you’re settling in for the long haul. 

You might even enjoy playing digital poker with the two mediums equally, especially if you’re approaching them with different goals in mind.  

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