Here’s why Moissanite Jewelry Trends are surging in popularity

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Everyone in the jewelry market is talking of moissanite. There is a lot more happening in the industry but one trend is beating them all – the use of moissanite jewelry. The popularity of this precious gem is now reaching everywhere. In reality, moissanite stones continue to impress and are now a top choice for many in the market.  Therefore, you may consider it as your choice the next time you go shopping.

So, what is moissanite? Henri Moissan, a French chemist discovered this precious gem in 1879. Ever since many people have come to love it. Researchers discovered moissanite as Silicon Carbide (SiC) following some lab tests and studies. From that time on, manufacturers started growing the stone in the lab for use in the market.

The selling properties of Moissanite

People love gemstones for the value they give. Apparently, moissanite has done the same and has won the hearts of many. The market is flooded with moissanite jewelry products such as bracelets, earrings, studs, necklaces and engagement rings. What is the reason for this? Well, here are great and selling properties of moissanite that make it hard to resist:

  1. Durability for every jewelry piece

Moissanite lasts longer than diamonds and other gemstones. Therefore, jewelry lovers are interested in such kind of investment that will serve them for a long time. Having a stone that will not damage easily is part of what buyers are looking for in a jewelry product.

  • Affordability of moissanite products

Despite offering high qualities, this stone is more affordable than a diamond. Those working on a tight budget can rely on moissanite for their needs. We cannot dispute the quality of the diamond stone but then again, its price is quite high. You can buy several moissanite jewelry pieces with the money you would spend buying a single piece of diamond jewelry.

  • Fire and brilliance

Beauty is everything when it comes to jewelry. Therefore, moissanite matches these expectations and even exceeds them. Now that it is lab-grown, manufacturers can enhance its fire and brilliance. The high refractive index of moissanite is key for the elegant and beautiful products from this stone.

Due to moissanite fire and brilliance, manufacturers have produced elegant and beautiful jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and studs. There is everything beautiful you would like with moissanite.

  • Scratch-resistant qualities  

No jewelry lover wants a stone that will scratch easily. After discovering that moissanite is not easily scratch-able, jewelry lovers made this stone a top choice. Compared to diamond and other gems, this stone ranks high in terms of hardness and ability to resist scratching.

  • Environment-friendly stone

To get a diamond, you have to mine it from the earth’s crust. This negatively affects the environment and therefore, it is not an ethical means to get jewelry. However, moissanite is lab-grown and that gives it an upper hand on ethical grounds. In solidarity with such concerns, jewelry lovers now prefer buying moissanite to diamond.

  • Varying Styles and Design

You can easily cut moissanite. Therefore, manufacturers find it easy to come up with different shapes and sizes. This is a good quality that enhances the possibilities of coming up with different designs and styles. In that case, buyers can choose from the different available options.

  • Great color and stone purity

The manufacturing process of moissanite in the lab has tremendously grown. People can now make different grades and colors of this precious stone. Most importantly, the process is highly refined to produce pure moissanite for use in the jewelry industry. Therefore, jewelry enthusiasts are going for this stone to enjoy the variety that exists due to color.

This is enough evidence why moissanite is winning all the attention in the jewelry market today. You get quality and value at an affordable cost.

Times are changing and so is the jewelry industry. Diamonds are forever and for sure, we cannot dispute that. However, there are great alternatives to a diamond in the market today such as moissanite. This stone is growing in popularity and is holding a high promise for jewelry lovers. Many more people are choosing it for their engagement rings and other different types of jewelry.

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