What are the 3 Most Promising Industries in India despite Covid-19?

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Although India has been one of the countries hardest hit by COVID 19, the truth is that it is a country with a great future, and to which many people around the world continue to bet. It is for this reason that today we have decided to tell you which are the industries with the greatest future and which will help the country to recover quickly from the consequences of the pandemic.

Digital Innovation Industry

Today, India is positioned as the second nation in the world with the greatest reach to the Internet, registering more than 600 million users to date.

However, not always has been this way. Less than three years ago, a small percentage of the population, we speak of approximately 19%, had access to the internet. And the situation changed thanks to an intensive program by the Indian government to empower the population with digital tools.

As expected, the quality of life of the population changed radically, and luckily before the pandemia. Indians now have access to digital payment systems, online purchases, immediate medical attention, facilities to study and research, among other benefits. All this opens the doors to new opportunities related to digital innovation and, of course, to investors motivated to carry out important developments in the sector.

Online Gaming Industry

Online casinos are one of the new industries that look promising despite the pandemic. The greater the population’s access to the internet, the greater the scope for access to online entertainment and, consequently. As expected, young people would be the most receptive and interested in digital changes, and proof that this is happening in a large number of websites available for Indian players.

Although the laws regarding randomness are not one hundred percent clear in the country, the Indian government is regularizing the situation little by little. For example, operators like Comeon can offer their services to the population in India.

In short, it is an industry that only in the last year was able to generate income for the country in excess of $ 50 million. An industry that undoubtedly promises to bring new job opportunities to designers and software developers, since, behind each game, there is a creative team behind that is responsible for producing it.

The Energy Industry

Today India has one of the highest energy consumption in the world, which is significantly affecting global warming since until now its main energy sources have been coal and oil. This situation has to change, so there is already a whole movement that is working for India to become a green country by 2022. To meet this objective, it is necessary to create new jobs that help the growth of this sector be faster, so ideas can become true.

As you have briefly dressed, the future of India is bright and there is a long way to go. We are facing an innovative present that motivates the population to move forward and work for a better quality of life.

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