Thailand’s Top 11 Music Festivals You’ll Surely Miss This 2021

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Every country makes use of music for festivities. Thailand is one of the countries known for its bangkok street photography but they also use music to exchange great ideas and celebrate life.

In fact, Thailand has various music festivals that bring the global youth together. Attending such events is one of the most amazing experiences you shouldn’t miss.

Moreover, the country’s music festivals brush the zenith of a wild party experience. It is bigger, better and even zestier for music concerts.

Sad to say, the current global situation hindrances such celebration. The country prioritizes the safety and security of each attending.

Even so, here’s the list of Thailand’s top music festivals you’ll surely miss this 2021. Take note of it and see which of these crazy festivals you could attend one day.

S20 Songkran Music Festival

Songkran is the new year festival in Thailand. It is an unconfined celebration that brings ample opportunity for large-scale parties.

Songkran Music Festival is the most anticipated festivities during the Songkran season. Both locals and foreigners join together to have fun in a big musical water party.

It is the Thai Lunar New Year celebration. It guarantees you a memorable experience. Audiences get drenched in water while swaying to the music.

Songkran Music Festival happens every April nationwide. Be prepared and dress for a battle to get soak in this water splashing event.


Waterzonic is one of the most anticipated parties in Thailand. It is a water cum music festival grand affair.

Waterzonic is a water-soaked event accompanied by great music. The vast stage is full of art installations. Endless fireworks keep the party going until late in the morning. The showers of water double the fun of the EDM first-class lineups.

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit festival celebrates art, music, food, and ideas. It is a cultural fest that aims to bring together people from all over the world. Its main goal is to tighten intercontinental friendships and world peace.

Wonderfruit festival resembles a stylish Coachella while catalyzing a positive impact. Everything you need at a party is here. It has delicious food, fantastic production, and diverse lineups.

The welcoming atmosphere and sustainability focus impresses a mix of travelers and tourists. Expats and locals enjoy the four days of art, music, workshops, and more.

Big Mountain Music Festival

Big Mountain Music Festival is one of Thailand’s longest-running music fests. It is South East Asia’s Largest Outdoor Event since 2010.

Big Mountain is a two-day festivity with a wide range of music genres. Thai folk music, urban EDM, and rock music span over nine stages and 200 performances. The event’s motive is to encourage more national talent and local heritage.

The mountain’s background adds the surreality of the energetic party. Attending this event is a top-notch festival experience.

Maya Music Festival

Maya Music Festival brings different elements together. Traditional Thai culture and contemporary music blend to form a Neo-modern musical phenomenon. This fits for the global generation.

The ultimate fest experience has an artistic setup. The stage backdrop has the iconic image of a colossal monkey. This forms while displaying motifs from local cultures and Thai customs.


Songkranzonic is a four-day event with equal parts of music and water. Although it is still new to the outdoor fest, it became an unforgettable music party in 2018.

The festival has a magnificent stellar show and management. The sprays and showers, drenching the crowd, spice up the fun.

Kolour in the Park

Kolour in the Park is a two-day annual music fest in Thailand. It is held on Bangkok’s outskirts, particularly in the vast rice fields, away from the city’s commotion.

As its name indicates, it is colorful and has a treasury of music, art, and multicultural exchanges.

It features both national and international lineup. Most of the artists play techno and house music.

Furthermore, it has several after-parties, graffiti exhibitions, light shows, and a food market. The fest is a night full of energy, perfect for party animals.

Warp Music Festival

Warp Music Festival is Thailand’s first beach dance music fest. It has been one of the most sought-after events by music lovers since 2015.

It has a futuristic concept that brings a different experience on a planet in outer space. The 2017 event is called Survivor Saturn. The crowd goes wildly dancing amidst the imaginative Saturn setting.

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is the location for the fest. The party is a mixture of EDM and epic techno.

Mystic Valley Festival

Mystic Valley Festival is a music fest spanning many days. It follows the Tomorrowland trend.

The fest has a bountiful spread across eight stages. It houses known International names from different music genres.

They include EDM, Trap, Techno, Trance, RnB, and disco. That’s why the valley resounds with the sound of music and music lovers.

Moreover, camping facilities and food trucks are available for attendees. The festival also hosts a pool party and fantastic light shows. It keeps everyone remain at the center of the party at all times.

Transmission Festival

Transmission Festival is the Thailand version of the Prague, Czech Republic musical celebration. It is now deemed as one of Asia’s best and biggest trance music fests.

The party consists of trippy lights and giant speakers blasting music. The crowd has a good time while being treated with audio-visual senses. It’s a night of Trance music scenes you’ll never forget.

Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party is mainly for New Year’s Eve events. Nonetheless, it creates a one of a kind trend since it also happens every month.

Full Moon is one of the world’s most famous parties. The music ranges from local and international DJs,  playing reggae to trance and bass. It also has all that you ever need in a fest – music, light, and free-flowing alcohol.

Furthermore, the celebration never ends as it continues until the crack of dawn. It’s no surprise why foreigners visit Thailand for the sole purpose of partying here.

Take extra precautions while attending this event. You don’t want to lose your valuable possession into a large crowd while enjoying, right?

Listening to music is more fun when you’re with a group. Attending music festivals allows you to see new faces and make friends. It is a great place to create new memories with someone who shares the same passion for music.

Take note of these Top Music Festivals to have a once in a lifetime experience in Thailand. And if you want to learn more about Thai Music, Gia Culture can help you explore its colorful background.

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