Check Out These New Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

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As the world opens up and we’re able to gather more freely with our loved ones once again, we can finally get back to celebrating birthdays! If you’re planning on throwing a birthday party this year, you might be looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate. While every good birthday party needs plenty of friends, presents, and a playlist of the best birthday songs on rotation, having a theme is important too. Read on to check out some of the most popular party trends that have taken birthday celebrations by storm recently!

Have Everyone Come as Their Top Spotify Artist

As we mentioned earlier, having the best birthday songs playing throughout the day is key to any b-day, but why not take things a step further with this fun theme! Have each guest arrive in costume as their most played artist on Spotify. Your birthday will be stacked with more famous artists (and fabulous besties) than any music festival lineup. For bonus fun, create a collaborative playlist so everyone can add their favorite songs by their top artists to pump up the birthday jamming.

Have a Birthday Board-Day!             

Charcuterie boards are absolutely all the rage these days. And they don’t just stop at meat and cheese – celebrate your birthday with a super fun board party! Everyone is assigned or chooses a different type of food they’d like to focus their board on. There’s no end to the board options: from cheese boards, to dessert boards to burger and fry boards, you’re sure to have all your culinary bases covered at your birthday. From there, lay all the boards out on a long table and go to town buffet style. If you’re someone who likes to give out party favors, end the party by awarding the person with the best board their own charcuterie-themed party favor, like a set of cheese knives.

Class Things Up With a Cocktail/Mocktail Mixing Party

Similar to the charcuterie board party idea, this party theme is great if you’re a fan of a good cocktail. Have each of your friends come prepared with the ingredients for their favorite cocktails or mocktails and have them whip up a batch to sample and share with the group. One fun way to customize this idea is to make all the drinks have a theme. For instance, if your favorite musician is Harry Styles, you could base the drinks off of his songs – Watermelon Sugar Sangria, anyone? Or you could craft your drinks around your favorite movie franchise: who could turn down a Marvel Margarita? Whatever drink theme you choose, you’ll have plenty to cheers to at your birthday bash. Just be sure to have snacks and water on hand to avoid any day after headaches!

Lip-Sync for Your Life

A birthday is a celebration of your life, and now, it’s time to lip-sync for it! While this idea requires some extra planning, it’s totally worth it: once you’ve got your guest list down, ask everyone who’s attending to prepare a lip sync performance to debut on the night of the party. You can make a playlist of whatever you think are the best birthday songs, and have each guest choose one to perform; or if you know a number of folks are close, they can team up to do an ensemble number. Embrace your inner Simon Cowell as you act as judge of all the performances, and award a prize to the best lip sync performance: it can be as simple and sweet as an extra shot, or a little sneaky, like a piece of cake to the face. No matter the playlist, the lip sync performances will make your birthday celebration one to remember.

Celebrate Outdoors With the Perfect Picnic Party

For a spring or summer birthday, bring your celebration outside for a picnic party. You can take charge of food, or let your friends join in the fun by making it a potluck affair. If you’re in the mood for music, pair your picnic celebration with a light and airy cottage core playlist to laze the day away in the sun’s rays. Picnic parties are also a great opportunity to play outdoor games, like cornhole or a water balloon toss. Or, if you’re feeling in the mood to let your inner child out, no ones too old for a piñata in our opinion!

Birthdays are a time to celebrate the joys of life with the ones we love. There’s nothing better than bringing people together with a great party theme, good food, and a perfect playlist of the best birthday songs. Whether you throw a party with a dress up theme, a food or drink centric potluck, or an easy breezy outdoor picnic soireé, you’re bound to have a wonderful time partying it up with the people you hold nearest and dearest. How will you be celebrating your birthday this year?

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