The Importance of Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching Occupational Risk Prevention

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Information and communication technologies have generated a digital revolution by breaking down the barriers of time and space that formerly existed and giving way to “reinventing” the economy, innovation and global competitiveness.

For example, countries like Japan have taken advantage of the use of information technologies through the implementation of big data and artificial intelligence to develop scientific research and improve access to treatments for high-cost and complex diseases, such as cancer. A proposal that could be replicated in developing countries, whose health costs are high due to the burden of disease.

In the XXI century, the Communication Society in which we live, demands an important change from the educational systems, which requires, for a better training of students, the use of information and communication technologies.

This is a great challenge that is beginning to be implemented in a significant number of classrooms in our country, which should increase over time, due to the great use it represents both for teachers and for the students themselves.

Information and communication technologies are beginning to be configured as an essential tool in the teaching-learning process, which will only achieve its definitive incorporation in schools when they are provided with the necessary means for it and when they are carry out training actions aimed at teachers, both initiation and updating in the field of ICT.

Thanks to these technologies, teachers will focus their didactic strategies on training based mainly on the student within an interactive learning environment, which will require an active attitude of search and continuous rethinking of content and procedures on the part of the students, which will mean taking the initiative in their own learning and their adaptation to the training demands of the current job market.

In addition to providing teachers with access to new forms of communication that will allow them to find abundant material to apply in their classes, as well as the possibility of working in groups and even the exchange of educational experiences, which will result in the quality of teaching.

From these advantages, it can be deduced that the use of this type of technology will demand by teachers a change in their teaching-learning strategies, abandoning the traditional master classes in which the only protagonist was the teacher, to pass on the prominence to the student, whose involvement is essential for their own training.

Today, ICTs have been introduced in different areas, occupying an essential place in their area of ​​study. One of these areas is that of “Prevention of Occupational Risks.” In this field, Information and Communication Technologies have become a necessary tool due to:

1.- The growing importance of Risk Prevention in our country, motivated firstly by the insufficient and scattered regulation.

2.- These Information and Communication technologies allow the development of teaching based on quality and adapted to current regulations. Likewise, they facilitate the teaching-learning process, by being able to handle legal texts and their modifications in a network environment that enables active participation, avoiding the handling of a large amount of paper.

3.- The “Prevention of Occupational Risks” requires measures related to the training and information of all workers on the risks derived from their job. Achieving this objective requires a new training methodology, through the remote modality.

4.- It is also one of the areas that is most offered to the use of information and communication technologies, mainly through the use of the computer, due to the interest and motivation that they arouse in students.

In the end, the classrooms cannot be left out of the Communication Society, since it is in them where the main communication processes that will lead to the intelligent treatment of information are developed.

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