Why the Office 365 Calendar is a Must for Busy People

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For all you busy bees out there, staying organized is a crucial skill. Sometimes, you might have an overwhelming day with meetings and you need to stay on track with your upcoming events. Thankfully, Office 365 is there to keep you updated with their newest calendar feature that keeps everyone organized.

Office 365 is a powerful app because of its functionality, and also because the calendar feature makes your life easier. This tool comes with many advantages, and we’ve included a list of Office 365 calendar features that are efficient and extremely easy to use.

Saving time 

If you’re part of any business team, you know how important saving time is. There’s no need for you to go through the fuss of texting or emailing your team members when the Office 365 calendar allows you to have a shared calendar that everyone can use.

The calendar allows you to have these permission levels:

  • Edit
  • View When I’m Busy
  • View All Details 
  • View Titles and Locations

Calendar Poll for meetings

So, we’ve all been in a situation where you had to discuss what time and date suits everyone, and it’s not a pleasant feeling. Office 365 lets you create a calendar poll, where team members can vote on which time and date suits them best. With this feature, the calendar gives each team member a choice, and when everyone settles on the same date and time, the meeting is automatically scheduled in the calendar.

Multiple setting options

Another great advantage of the Office 365 calendar is the ability to change different settings, such as:

Automatic processing – you can control the notifications, invitations, or responses

Birthday calendar – keeps track of your team members’ birthdays 

Appearance – personalize your calendar (themes, colors, weather)

Updates – notifies you when someone updates an event

Weather – hide or show the weather on the calendar

Syncs all shared calendars

Since business teams are constantly online, it makes sense for Office 365 to sync shared calendars. Your team members can manage all calendars, even on the go, as well as make changes on mobile devices, which are later on synced across everyone’s devices. This way, the whole business team stays constantly updated.

View your daily schedule

One of the handiest features of the Office 365 calendar is the My Day feature which lets you take a look at your daily schedule. With this one, you can add a new event, but what’s also great is that you could also view your agenda for three days or even up to a week.

Suggested event locations

Selecting an event location has never been easier. When preparing for a meeting, Office 365 will suggest locations near you or that have been recently used so that your day runs smoothly. Also, whenever you categorize events, the calendar lets you show the weather if that event will happen in a different location. 


If you want to have a detailed overview of your schedule and keep up with any meeting, then the calendar is a great multifunctional tool for you. It definitely keeps your agenda more organized and it’s convenient to use. 

What we really like about the Office 365 calendar is the bigger picture that it gives you in terms of upcoming events or meeting, and how you can synchronize your calendar with your team’s calendar. 

Additionally, you can keep up with every team member, have access to different settings, customize the calendar’s appearance and stay updated at all times.

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