Crucial Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Offshore Software Development Team

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Offshore software development is one of the most popular outsourcing options available in the market. Businesses all over the world choose to launch their offshore development centers in distant countries to optimize the development process and get high quality for lower price.

GBKSOFT, a trusted offshore development company, shares the main points you need to consider while searching for your ideal offshore partner.

How to Prepare for Offshoring

Before signing a contract with any offshoring company, you need to think through some major aspects. To ensure the successful kickoff, and hence, successful further cooperation, you should firstly understand the basic requirements of your project and what vendor you are looking for.

What do you need to know about your project?

  • What problem do you want to solve with software development?
  • Who will use the software?
  • What platforms should support it (desktop, mobile, etc.)?
  • What budget are you ready to allocate? 
  • When do you want to launch the application?

Any reliable software company will start with these questions. Moreover, a clear understanding of your goals will help you select a suitable partner and simplify your communication.

To choose the right partner, you may need to describe the profile of the company you want to work with. Offshore companies exist in dozens of countries, most notable are Ukraine, Poland, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Argentina.

Each of these markets offers hundreds of offshore vendors. Narrow the selection by simple criteria, as:

  • how many years are they on the market;
  • do they have relevant experience in your industry;
  • do they offer development services that you require;
  • how big is their company;
  • do they show their portfolio publicly;
  • where are they located;
  • what time difference is there between you and them?

How to Select the Offshore Partner

So, when you have a picture in mind of your ideal partner, it’s actually time to look for it! 

But where can you find offshore development companies?

  • Google: the easiest and the most obvious. Just type “offshore development” or “offshore development companies” and you will get a lot of websites of such vendors who are ready to offer their services.
  • Social media: a lot of IT companies promote themselves on social networks, especially on LinkedIn. Search and check their corporate profiles. By the way, you can see who is working in the company right away, as people tend to point out their workplace.
  • Tech directories like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. They store information about different types of vendors and their focus, so you can access listings of mobile development companies, AI-development partners, etc. Usually, directories also verify the testimonials and reviews that clients leave, so you can hope for truthful feedback.
  • Tech blogs and media. You can check their writer and creators. Most likely, you can find developers and tech leads who contribute to these platforms and share their experiences. If you are impressed with someone’s work, you can check where they work and apply to these companies.

Here are also a few tips that will help you evaluate every partner and make a thoughtful decision. 

Always check portfolio and reviews

This info is crucial to understand the experience, expertise, and impression the company has made on its previous clients. Companies that provide quality services will have what to show publicly, so all their communication channels like social media, websites, etc. will be full of such content. 

At the same time, previous successful cases may indicate more about the company’s expertise and focus. For example, if they have a lot of examples of software development for the healthcare industry, your healthcare project will be in the hands of professionals who already understand the context of your domain. 

Evaluate their transparency

As you delegate a significant part of responsibilities to the partner, you should ensure that you will get all relevant information in full from your vendor. Hence, transparency in communication and billing is essential, especially considering that your cooperation is remote, and the two companies are located in different parts of the world.

Discuss with the possible partner how they plan to communicate and update on the development process if they are going to give you access to their internal cooperation tools. Ask about billing and how they will charge you. 

Even on the negotiation stage, you will be able to notice if the company is legit or if they tend to hide a part of the information or evade straight, clear questions and discussions.

Check if you are matching in terms of culture and work ethics

Offshoring is great, but it also has its own risks you shouldn’t forget. A team from another country lives and works in a different cultural context. The business climate also differs, so you can encounter some dissemblance in the working process that may disrupt the whole project.

It’s better to understand if you have a match in the early stages. Hence, take some time to talk with the managers, tech leads to understanding their values. If you can’t overcome the differences, it’s better to look for the other partner, as you will need a high level of understanding and synchronization to succeed. 

Stay open and positive

Successful cooperation required efforts from both sides, so you need not only evaluate the vendor but build a trusting relationship with them. Offshore companies also have a right to refuse you, so making a good impression is important. 

Moreover, to provide you with relevant estimations and create a viable plan for your project, an offshore team requires to obtain a lot of info from your side about your business, your processes, your goals. And the only way to get it is to ask you.

In Conclusion

Take the maximum benefit from offshoring services! Offshore development can provide you with self-sufficient, quality software, but at the same time, it will be more cost-efficient and flexible than other options. But the key to success here is to find the right partner, so take your time to prepare for such cooperation with GBKSOFT.

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