Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Content Moderation

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Content moderation has made it easier to keep harmful and unwanted content off a website or social media platform. Despite there being automated content moderation in existence, bots can’t do everything. They can’t crack human coded language, have limited input programming, and sometimes can’t read through misspelled words to grasp the intended meaning. Humans are currently still necessary when it comes to filtering out content on almost all websites.

This has brought about new businesses in the web development industry, known as content moderation services. These businesses allow content moderation to be outsourced, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to focus primarily on their main income generator. This article is written to provide you with a guide on outsourcing content moderation.

There are many ways to have online content moderators. You can hire the moderators in-house, outsourcing content moderation services, or freelancers. Each of these options has its own pros and cons.

In-house content moderator

You get more control over your content moderation operation. The content moderators work side-by-side with you, so you can efficiently update procedures and guidelines depending on the needs of the content moderators. However, the main disadvantage is that most independent companies aren’t fully knowledgeable about how vast the laws that govern the online world are.

Freelance content moderator

When it comes to having freelancers, a company can lower its risk with regard to termination if they don’t perform as required. A company is also free of the compensation level and employee benefits that an in-house team would require. Freelancers are only hired when they’re required for projects, they aren’t paid when their services are not needed. The disadvantage of having their services is they don’t have dedication for any particular business, they deal with different projects, and it is difficult to maintain the same level of consistency with regard to the quality of their work. Freelancers are less likely to be concerned about the success of a company they’re working for. They’re more likely to be focused on the quantity of work they can obtain.

Outsourced content moderator

Outsourcing content moderation services help a company save time and resources. They’re a team of experts who have been tested with vast experience in handling various digital security practices successfully and offer excellent results. On the downside, outsourced content moderators don’t have a full understanding of the detailed inner workings of a company. They’re more dedicated to the outsourcing companies who actually employ them. They also usually don’t deal with small businesses or start-ups. Outsourcing companies mostly deal with large and successful multi-level companies.

Why outsourcing content moderation services is important

There’s currently a vast influx of information all over the internet. This creates a challenge for companies to keep up with managing all that content. The various types of content include news articles, channels with creative or artistic content, images, blog posts, videos, and more. Those are guaranteed sources of traffic that can be transformed into paying customers. However, they can also lose interest in boring or inappropriate content. If you want to enhance your company’s digital marketing efforts, then you should consider outsourcing content moderation services. Online content moderators can benefit a business through two main things: driving the right traffic to your site and scanning unwanted user-generated content so it can be removed.

Cuts the cost of in-house manpower

It’s cheaper to outsourcing content moderation services compared to hiring in-house staff. It’s a great way to save money, and the money can therefore be used to invest in moderation tools, training resources, and other things required for the onboarding process.

Outsourcing gives an expert solution

When you outsource content reviewing services, you’ll be working with a team of expert moderators to manage all user-generated content. Unlike hiring new in-house employees, outsourcing moderation companies can deploy professional moderators on-the-go.

Saves time

By having an outsourced team of content moderators doing all the work in the background, you enjoy a significant amount of free time. That can be valuable time used to better track your website’s overall performance. When you have more free time, you can focus on various areas in your business that need additional attention, and you can come up with efficient strategies for marketing.

Getting rid of unwanted content

Everyone is free to air their concerns and personal opinions nowadays, mostly considered constructive criticism. However, not everyone thinks the same, some people might find it offensive. When your site has a worldwide reach, it’s important to be extra careful, as well as sensitive to matters that might appear offensive to some people. That’s why outsourcing content moderation services is important. Content moderators will ensure there is no unwanted frenzy on a site when users post nudity, terror threats, violence, or hate speech. Outsourcing content moderation services to assist with such situations helps companies stay away from legal implications, and avoid public relations problems.

Helps curate content for a specific audience

Outsourcing content moderation will help you create content meant for a specific audience. It’s important not to create content aimed at groups of people who don’t relate to it. For example, if you’re selling meat products, you shouldn’t create any type of content that would attract vegans to your site. This might bring about hate comments, and no one will buy whatever you are advertising. If you do a terrific job marketing, but you don’t focus on the right audience, then that’s as good as not having any marketing campaign at all.

What to consider with outsourcing content moderation services

After finding out all the advantages outsourcing content moderation services can have, it’s also important to know where to choose the best services. When finding service providers, you can consider these variables:

● They should be affordable and efficient

● Should have a diverse pool of talent where you can choose the qualities you want from an employee in order for them to be in your team

● A good service provider can scale with your business

● Should be fully dedicated to growing you and your company, not only focus on a single project

When you attempt to find the right personnel to help deal with your digital reputation, it can be a bit challenging. That’s why collaborating with an outsourcing content moderation company is a wonderful idea. They provide you with a wide variety of custom modern solutions, up-to-date tools, and an expert workforce.

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