Use Cell Phone Parental Control App to Fight Teens’ Cell Phone Addiction

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Children grow and change interests in the blink of an eye. Without realizing it, one day, we discovered that the teddy bear that used to accompany our child on scary and dark nights was replaced by his cell phone.

Today, 84% of teens sleep with their cell phones in bed.

Anyone would believe that cell phones have become a kind of extension of the body. The phones operate as a multipurpose center that not only keeps them connected 24 hours a day but also allows them to take photos, videos, listen to music, watch shows, and get all the information they need.

Have you ever tried taking the phone from a teenager?

For many young people – and adults – cell phone use has become just another addiction. The lack of this can trigger reactions similar to those produced by the lack of drugs or alcohol.

A study conducted by Common Sense Media found that adolescents who used their cellphones constantly exhibited behaviors similar to those of addicted people, such as aggression, depression, isolation, agitation, and difficulty concentrating and maintaining attention.

We share some signs that will help you identify if your child has a cell phone addiction and if its use is harming him.

  • Bad grades. If your daughter was a good student in the past, but her grades have been getting worse lately, cell phone use is probably affecting her concentration.
  • Phantom Vibration. It is a recent phenomenon that makes the user constantly believe that their cell phone is vibrating, even when it is not. If your teenage daughter is constantly checking her phone, she has probably developed an addiction.
  • Can’t resist. A teenager addicted to his cell phone feels the urge to answer every call and respond to every text or update, regardless of what he is doing or what he has to interrupt.
  • Virtual life. Teenagers addicted to their phones lose interest in everything that is happening around them. Your “real” world is the one inside your mobile device.

Look out for these signs, and if you observe these in your teens, here we offer you some suggestions to help those adolescents who have developed an addiction to their cell phone and whose dependence is negatively affecting their lives.

  • Sweet Dreams. Most young people (84%) sleep next to their phones. This causes constant interruptions when your body should be resting and recovering. Around 8:00 or 9:00 pm, ask your child to turn off his cell phone and give it to you until the next day. Another solution to help your kids sleep better at night is using the cell phone parental control app. With the app in hand, you can lock their devices at night so they can sleep and avoid distractions. There are many apps in the market, but the one worth trying is FamilyTime app. It has I built screen lock features for night time. You can also configure custom schedules as per your convenience. To try the app now for free, download FamilyTime from the app store on your phone. 
  • Family time. Designate a day and time when family members turn off their phones and spend time together without interruption. You can start with the weekends, and over time, make it a daily activity at dinner time.
  • Do what I say AND what I do. Your words may be convincing, but your actions are more so. Observe your own behavior. Do not use the phone while driving or interrupt conversations to answer calls or texts.

Using these simple recommendations, you can surely deal with your kids’ cell phone addiction smartly. Don’t delay it anymore. Observe the signs and act accordingly. Happy parenting!

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