Party Decorator’s Starter Kit: Everything You Need to Start a Business

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Almost everyone dreams of his own business. But everyone decides for themselves what field they want to be engaged in. If you are crazy about balloon decorations, always decorate your parties yourself (or with friends), and are full of creative ideas, then you should definitely try your hand in decorating! Let’s figure out what you need to make your dream come true — from finding reliable balloon stores to implementing an idea for your customers!

Choose a niche

Think about what exactly you would like to do and what you do best! Maybe it’s decorating weddings, or you feel like you will succeed working with children’s birthdays? Or, maybe, you have a lot of design ideas for grad parties?

Make up your mind, try your hand and forge ahead!

Think about your USP

Unique Selling Proposition is a distinctive mark, an outstanding factor that both characterizes the business and very accurately affects the consumers, solving their problems and offering value or benefit to them.

To create a USP, you need to:

• analyze your target audience;

• solve your customers’ problems;

• think about what makes your brand unique;

• give your customers a clear promise.

Come up with a unique company name

It should be:

• appealing and memorable:

• concise and unique;

• remind people about holidays, highest quality, happiness, beauty, and fun;

• easy to pronounce.

Register your business

Check out this step-by-step guide to starting a small business:

•  choose a business legal type;

•  verify your company name;

•  apply for tax ID number and a Sales Tax Permit; opening a business;

• get a business checking account;

•  obtain licenses and permits.

Find reliable suppliers

The first thing you need to do is find a supplier you will buy high-quality products from. It is also important to those companies that keep delivery times as short and smooth as possible. The wide choice of goods is also important.

All these factors directly affect the reputation of your brand!

Find your customers

This is another important step you should take to help your business grow. Use different communication channels and add your portfolio where possible:

• a website (using one of the modern online website builders, you can create it for absolutely free);

• social networks;

• Youtube;

• advertisements in specialty magazines and party supplies stores.

Explore trends

People’s tastes change rapidly, and the decoration industry has its own “fashion”, so you should:

• thoroughly know the current trends and constantly monitor new ones;

• let these ideas pass through you and enrich them with your unique author’s style.

Analyze your competitors

This will not only help you understand what other companies are offering but also figure out what they are missing. If you succeed, you can easily create your USP and stand out from the crowd!

Gain some experience

You cannot decide to become a decorator today and start taking orders tomorrow cause you need to learn how to do your work efficiently and quickly (often people make key decisions at the last moment, and it is in your interest to meet the challenge and make your customers happy!).

Besides, you have to improve yourself constantly: make it a rule to be better than yesterday and you will have plenty of customers!

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