What Materials you Should Study to Pass the 2022 PMP Exam

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The PMP Exam: What Is It?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is the test that determines whether a candidate has the necessary project management skills. It has 180 questions and a time limit of 230 minutes to complete. PMI does not specify the passing percentage. To succeed, one must reach a specific rate, which varies according to the difficulty of the examination.  

If you prefer, you can take the exam online from the comfort of your home or office. You can take up to two ten-minute breaks in the online mode. Multiple-choice, multiple-option, fill-in-the-blanks, hot spot, and matching are some of the question formats available. To avoid wasting time during the exam, acquaint yourself with this format before the test. 

How Can Books and Reading Materials Help Me Prepare for the PMP Exam?

When you read aloud, you’re more likely to remember important details.

In the exam, you’ll need to be able to remember things, and reading aloud can help! According to our data, you recall differences more than you remember similarities. It is a good idea to read the most significant facts out loud so you can better remember them for your studies. Because you are reading them in a manner that is distinct from how you are reading the rest of your study materials, these will be much easier for you to remember.

Take care to avoid being sidetracked or disrupting others by reading out loud before attempting this technique!

Vocabulary gains through reading

New words gain meaning when placed in their proper context, provided by books. Instead of merely looking up the definition of a term in the dictionary or on a flashcard, a lengthy paragraph or case study provides you with greater context.

In your own time, at your speed, you’ll get more knowledge about a subject by reading about it. You’ll be able to utilize the terms efficiently once they’ve become second nature to you. PMP test question categories and their associated terminology can help you better understand what is being asked of you on the exam and how to respond appropriately.

Choosing the Best PMP Exam Preparation Resource

A fast search will yield dozens of books for the PMP exam prep, so what should you check before purchasing?

Author qualifications and writing style are essential factors in determining the quality of a piece of content and the price and ease of access.

Coverage of topics

Before you buy the book, you should make sure you have a good understanding of what it is about. Because there is so much information to be learned for the PMP certification exam, no book can claim that it will cover everything for you. Make sure all your PMP study materials cover the entire exam outline when they are put together.

Make sure you don’t waste money on resources that can be used for several reasons by checking to see if there are any overlaps across books. Here you can click to read more PMP dump.

The freshness of the content

Verify the publication or revision date of the book. The Project Management Professional exam is updated frequently, and its content is regularly amended to reflect developments in industry standards and the role of a project manager. If you’re going to acquire a study guide for the PMP exam, be sure it’s up to date and matches the most recent version of the exam.

Credentials of the author

Look up the author’s biography to learn more about the book’s author. What do you think of the person’s credentials and experience in the field? That written by a trusted source is the excellent PMP study guide for your needs.

Style of writing

Take a look within the book if you have the opportunity to learn more about the author’s writing style. Texts geared at novices are simple to comprehend. There will be footnotes and references in future publications, as well. Depending on your preferences and prior knowledge of the subject, either choice (or anything in between) may be a suitable fit.

If a book appears like it’s going to be a challenge, don’t bother reading it. Choosing a book that is easy to read and understand can be a beneficial option in some cases.


Let’s not forget about the cost. This includes the cost of the PMP certification exam, attending a training course, and using a practice exam. Ask your co-workers if they have a copy they can lend you or see if your local library has any. A good number of these PMP study books can also be purchased and used; however, you should check to ensure that they are the most recent editions.

The ease of access

When making a decision, keep shipping costs and times in mind. Depending on your location, you may be able to pick up some books at your local bookstore; however, some titles may have to be ordered in from another country. To get the most out of your study materials, you’ll want to ensure they arrive in plenty of time.


You can read e-books without paying for (or waiting for) shipping; thus, they’re more convenient than paper books. Audible editions of some works are also available. If you prefer to read in a certain way, go with that. Look over the alternatives available for your chosen book and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.


To put what you’ve learned in school into practice, you’ll need to use an exam simulator to evaluate your knowledge. Each answer in the simulator comes with a detailed explanation, and you can utilize the references to expand your understanding of the subject matter.

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