3 Vital Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Wristwatch

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If you are a new watch enthusiast, choosing the right wristwatch is overwhelming. After all, a timepiece is an investment. You have to know the right factors to consider before purchasing to avoid “buyer’s remorse.”

Watch Movements Powering the Timepieces 

When it comes to watches, there are different types of movements. Depending on the watch mechanism, the hands may move smoothly or move in clicks.  

The mechanism is the heart of the clock. Knowing the mechanism gives you an idea of how your watch works and its pros and cons.


If you want a timeless watch, mechanical watches are your best bet.

These watches are a work of art. Meticulous craftsmanship is needed to make the watch work. 

For collectors, mechanical watches are on the top of their list. The delicate assembly and mechanism make mechanical watches valuable. For them, it’s not only a timepiece but an engineering marvel that has a history of its own.

Mechanical watches do not need batteries to work. A coiled wire called “mainspring” keeps the watch running. The watch must be wound by hand to power the mainspring. The mainspring then unwinds at a slow and smooth pace, moving the hands along. 

If you prefer a smooth and sweeping hand movement to a tick, mechanical watches are perfect for you. Mechanical watches are also great for formal occasions. It shows the wearer’s character.

One down-side to owning a mechanical watch is the constant winding needed to power it. Most mechanical watches can run for two days without winding. But it is highly recommended that you wind your mechanical watch every day. Some people enjoy winding their watch, while some find it annoying. 

Mechanical watches are also susceptible to external forces and elements. The delicate gears and mechanism are sensitive to moisture and dust. Even magnets and bumps can also affect the mechanism and movement. 

Modern mechanical watches can resist these factors. If you can’t avoid dust, moisture, or getting your watch bumped, consider wearing another type of watch.


Like the mechanical, automatic watches need a mainspring to work. Except it is not hand-wound. A unique mechanism winds the mainspring as you move throughout the day. A self-winding system makes it an “automatic.” 

Automatic watches only work in pristine condition if you wear them regularly and. If you do not want to wear your automatic watch, you need a watch winder to keep it running. A watch winder is a small device and container that spins the watch to keep it wound up. 

Automatic watches do not need batteries. Like the mechanical, it has smooth sweeping movements. It also has the same sensitivity to external forces. 

And like the mechanical watch, they are expensive and are considered luxury timepieces.


Quartz watches are the most common type of watch available. It’s because of their reliability, accuracy, and price. Unlike mechanical and automatic watches, quartz does not rely on intricate mechanisms. Instead, they have batteries as a power source.

Batteries in the watch send electrical currents to a small quartz crystal in the watch. The quartz then sends a little vibration which makes the watch’s second hand “tick.” Quartz watches have this distinct ticking movement.

Because of the fewer mechanical parts required for the watch to work, quartz watches are cheaper. They are also far more accurate compared to mechanical and automatic watches. 

Quartz watches are durable and are perfect for outdoor use. They are resistant to dust, moisture, magnets, and shocks. There are quartz watches made for extreme conditions that would usually wreck a mechanical watch.

Analog Display Vs Digital Display

Now that we know the three types of watch movements. Let’s talk about the timepiece’s faces. There are two types, digital or analog. It will come down to your personal preference. Do you like seeing moving hands? Or do you want a screen to tell you the time? 

Analog Watches

Analog watches are classics that tell time with the watch’s hands and dials. They have a mechanism that moves the watch’s hands. Analog displays are classics and are perfect for specific events like formal gatherings. 

If you like an elegant-looking watch on your wrist, you can go for an analog display.

Digital Watches

Digital watches, on the other hand, can offer a lot of features. Digital watches use screens to tell time. You can also use these digital displays for additional features like alarms and timers. Digital display watches also have backlights perfect for night use.

If you are going for a more sporty and modern look, digital watches are best for you.

Timepieces to Match Your Styles

Dress Watch

Dress watches are small and slim watches that will compliment your suit and tie. No fancy displays and functions. Just plain elegant and stylish. It is best worn for formal events like fancy parties, fancy dates, or weddings.

A dress watch should be proportional to your wrist. It shouldn’t grab attention and can easily slip in and out of your cuffs. The leather band should also match and compliment the leathers you’re wearing.

Field Watch

Initially used in wars, field watches have this rugged vibe. Officers in the war used field watches to coordinate attacks. Field watches should have a high contrast dial that is easy to read, even in low-light conditions. It should also have a waterproof rating and luminescence for easy reading.

Usually made from stainless steel or titanium, field watches are sturdy. The bands typically come in leather or canvas NATO straps. 

Field watches are very versatile when it comes to style. You can wear this on all kinds of occasions, from business casuals to jeans and t-shirts kind of day. If you’re unsure what type of watch to wear, field watches are your best bet. Rugged, yet simply stylish.

Aviator Watches

Back in the days, where onboard computers are unavailable, pilots had to rely on watches. Pilots needed support from watches to compute their speed, distance, and the fuel used. 

Aviator watches should have a larger size, more prominent face, and luminous numbers and hands. Aviator watches should be easy to read under low-light conditions, i.e., dark cockpits.  

Aviator watches often have a chronograph, timer, and GMT functions. 

When it comes to style, aviator watches are best worn in a casual setting but not formal.

Dive Watches

Diver watches have been an essential tool for divers. Before, divers used this type of watch to tell how much oxygen they have left. Diver watches are water-resistant up to 100m. They are made from corrosion-resistant metals like titanium or stainless steel.  

The diver watch became extremely popular when Sean Connery used it in a James Bond movie. Up until now, diver watches are popular and can pull off in any style.

Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with a classy diver watch. You can even do watch modding. Replace the crystal dome, add a colorful ceramic bezel insert, or put in a personalized dial. Express yourself with your style.

Buying a wristwatch is not easy. Considering that it is not an ordinary purchase, there is nothing wrong with taking your time. 

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