Polycarbonate Sheet vs. Plexiglass Sheet- What is more Preferred Option?

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Polycarbonate Sheet vs. Plexiglass Sheet – Customers are always faced with decisions on what they want to buy on a daily basis. If you are looking to install windows and doors using a see-through plastic, then chances are you are faced with a dilemma. There are different types of plastic sheets whose benefits can be compared to each other. However, on most occasions, the key solution to purchasing any plastic sheet is to understand your choices.

Each sheet you choose will have its strengths and its drawbacks. The success of your choice will depend on why you need the plastic sheet. Knowledge about the plastic sheets will prove to be the key to finding a perfect-fit sheet. This article will pit the polycarbonate sheet against the plexiglass sheet to ensure your decisions are better informed the next time you decide to install windows or patio doors.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets

One of the more common questions customers have about the plastic sheets is, what is polycarbonate? Polycarbonate sheets are a polyester of carbonic acid which results from a compound called bisphenol. In layman terms, the polycarbonate boasts of hardness and strength. The strength of the polycarbonate sheets is evidenced by the recent application of the material in aircraft. The polycarbonate sheets are impact resistance and also UV resistance, especially when experts are responsible for its installation. Regardless of the weather, the polycarbonate is usually unbreakable and thermoforming is unnecessary. This material boasts of very high elasticity and its very resistant to bumps and scratches. Thus, the material will often have a guarantee that stretches to 10 years.

Distinctive Features of Plexiglass

Plexiglass sheet is also referred to as Polymethylmethacrylate, and it is becoming a common plastic material. This material is a popular alternative for glazing applications and is slowly replacing the traditional glass. One of the most distinctive features of the clear plexiglass is that it is very transparent. The material has a transparency coefficient of 0.93. The material is also resistant to impact, moisture, and weathering compared to the traditional materials. The plastic sheets can also resist chemicals. The material is easily maintained since it allows for scraping, failure to which it may start turning yellow. The plexiglass does boast of strength, especially in comparison to traditional glass.

Reasons to Choose Plexiglass and Polycarbonate over Traditional Glass

These materials are an economically conservative alternative to traditional glass. The plastic sheets also lead to cost savings as they take less energy and cash to produce. The lightweight nature of the materials enables low costs in terms of shipping and other transportation. These materials do not also require an extra purchase of additional items like films and coatings. This is because the plastic sheets already have these qualities and others like UV-filtering, Impact modified acrylic sheet, and UV-transmitting, among others. Additionally, the plastic sheets are strong and safe. They can resist any impact more than 17 times that of glass. Even if the plastic breaks, especially in the case of plexiglass, it will not shatter into a thousand harmful pieces.

Plexiglass vs. Polycarbonate Sheets

The clear plexiglass sheets hold an advantage over the polycarbonate sheets when it comes to light transmissions. The plexiglass does not have glare or reflections like the traditional glass and allows 90% of light to pass through. Polycarbonate has several advantages. The material has a low level of toxicity to add to its hardness and strength. Plexiglass can at times harden and crack when exposed to the outside. This is not the same case as the polycarbonates, which are UV-resistant.

Where to buy polycarbonate and plexiglass sheets?

These polycarbonates and plexiglass sheets need to be installed in a standard manner so that you reap all the benefits. Obtaining online sellers that you can trust with delivering high-quality materials may prove difficult. However, Fab Glass and Mirror is an online website which is dedicated to offering customers the best products and services on time. This company will deliver high-quality plexiglass and polycarbonate sheets. The company allows the customer to fully customize the materials they want in terms of shape, color, and any other requirements they would like to get. Other online sellers that will provide almost similar service are A&C Plastics and Curbell Plastics. These sites allow you to narrow down your choices to the exact material you want.


Whether you choose to buy plexiglass or polycarbonate plastic sheets, you will enjoy durable, economical, and versatile materials which are great alternatives to glass. These plastic sheets are also available in a variety of styles, which is an excellent addition to their outstanding benefits. Your interests will also play a significant part in determining the exact material you purchase.

Author Bio: This article has been written for Fab Glass and Mirror, and the author gets excellent collaboration in the production of high-quality, entertaining, and informative articles oriented towards home and living design blogs.

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