Procurement Outsourcing- Risk And Benefit

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Procurement outsourcing is a wide dimension corporate with procurement strategy. Outsourcing is the transfer of services, purchasing, and management of a company or business to a third party. It has become a trend in the business industry. But it also involved some risk factors. Procurement is the key to success for a product-based business. That is why many companies outsource procurement to enhance business performance and increase their profits.

Procurement has increased over the last 10 years. An expert says that outsourcing your procurement is beneficial for a business holder. It is also a great benefit for customers by quickly getting a wide range and good quality product. It opens the door for every manufacturer to supply their goods worldwide.

What Is Procurement Outsourcing?

Procurement outsourcing is handling procurement activities like sourcing and supplier management by third parties. This means a business owner transfers some essential procurement to reduce costs like the HR or IT department. If a business owner builds an in-house department, it needs a considerable amount to invest. But by procurement strategy, he saved it and also hired the master one quickly.

Types Of Procurement

Typically there are two types of procurement.

Direct Procurement

Direct procurement involves purchasing raw material, resources, equipment, goods, or service used to manufacture an end product or core operation of a business.

Indirect Procurement

Indirect procurement is to spend and hire the people for maintenance, goods, or services for the operation of your business that does not belong to a company.

Difference Between Outsourcing And Procurement

Procurement is directly related to the purchasing department, while outsourcing is sourcing or transferring business to accomplishment.

Outsourcing’s Benefits In Procurement

An effective procurement has many benefits, but it all depends on management. If you can not manage your procurement by the time, it can become a hassle. But expert people hiring can solve your problem quickly. You can also hire another in-house company to control your procurement. It keeps you tension-free. Let discuss the benefits of outsourcing procurement.

Choose Your Control Level

There are two ways to outsource procurement. Whether you outsource your procurement to a third party that does the purchasing for you, remember that you should outsource your primary revenue source and keep the sensitive one in-house.

The second way is to hire expert people online for your procurement management. And you can control your online procurement by an online procurement software. 

Get Procurement Expertise By Keeping Low Expenses

You can not get expertise in every department by keeping your expenses low. But you can do it by outsourcing procurement because, in this way, you do not need to expand on technology, furniture, and space. It is the main reason which makes it the best idea. 

Cut Your Operational Cost

Procurement from your own company may be expensive, but the companies that provide procurement solutions cut your expenses. It is a way to save money whether investing in in-house management.

And you also save your money by cutting office space, IT resources, and spending on employee training. Overall it holds a considerable amount per procurement.

Increase Productivity And Efficiency

Outsourcing enables your procurement to be run by experts. These experts focus only on your company’s needs and their specialties. And by the help of these expert’s skills and ideas, your company productivity increases, and your customers get a better product with a high-profit rate. 

Greater Access Both International And Local

It means your procurement experts have a great range of suppliers both locally and internationally. They keep an eye on the best deal supplier. and make all the decisions for company benefits.

This more significant excess allows the expert to choose the best rate with a better quality product. And it will bring your business to the best possible opportunities.

Free Up More Time

Procurement frees up more time for your in-house staff so they can easily focus on the main business activities and needs.

Faster Adaptation With Streamline Operation

The outsource procurement’s best advantage is it easily adopts the changes and implications on the business. It tells you effectively about the availability of the product or price changing, which is why it keeps your productivity streamlined.

Outsourcing Risk In Procurement

We have discussed many benefits of outsourcing procurement, but some risk factors are also here.

  • You should make a contract with your outsourcing partner to keep your security and confidentiality, such as tax preparation, financial account management, and payroll.
  • Outsourcing and in-house management are different. You should know about the outsourcing partner management and communication setting. So it will help you in the transition phase.
  • You should balance outsourcing partners and in-house staff by keeping their interest in work. Otherwise, the in-house team feels like there is a lack of work, which will lower their morale.
  • Sometimes, the outsource service provider works under many clients, distracting them from their business.
  • Outsourcing is cost-effective, but it may lead to extra-legal cost charges by the company, so first, ensure good communication, discuss any hidden charges, and read the contract carefully before signing it.

Tips To Boost Your Procurement Efficiency

  • Think Before Making A Purchase Order.
  • Maintain Your Relationship With Virtuous Supplier
  • Expand Your Network 
  • Learn Negotiation Skill
  • Take The Right Decision By Using Your Analytical Skills.


Outsourcing procurement is a fast-growing business trend, and many businesses adopt it. It has many benefits with a high rate of profit. But we can not avoid its risk factors. Because any kind of risk makes your procurement into a big mess, and your business doesn’t work effectively. To get your business to the target level, you should find the outsourcing partner or service provider by proper research and make a contract among you both for the benefit of your company.

A good relationship between you and the service provider and a clear guideline by good communication helps your business grow more quickly on a long-term basis. So search well and make a contract before starting or hiring a new service provider. It will keep your relationship clear and long-lasting.

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