React Developers: 6 Essential Skills Needed

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ReactJS is a free, open-source framework instrumental for organizations and developers to build robust web applications. However, to maximize the potential of the React framework, businesses need professionals for assistance. 

The React Developer is charged with designing and bringing to life User Interface components for web applications and mobile apps that use JavaScript, employing an open-source library. Such developers form a considerable part of the process, from the idea to the main testing stage. 

They are front-end developers who design User Interface components that help improve application performance. Such developers must be skilled in various programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as they need it when interacting with project managers and testers to bring about a reliable and useful application. 

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What Does a React Developer Do?

A React developer works in a vast JavaScript library for developing, designing, and implementing front-end tech for firms and various businesses. 

Besides, they help test software to detect various issues, convert designs into codes, and ensure contents give the best performance. They also use multiple applications for their tasks. 

This article will explore the vital skills of a React developer.

  1. HTML and CSS

Part of the core skills required of every React Developer is HTML and CSS. An idea and knowledge of these languages will bolster the developer’s ability to work with the intuitive and visually aesthetic user interface. Almost every job description requires knowledge of these core skills to fill various vacancies. 

Considering that many applications are now measured in terms of quality and value with the User Interface, such a skill set is incredibly effective. 

Candidates should strive to understand, work with, and communicate HTML tags and CSS selectors. They also need the operation of the box model. Other vital qualifications are conducting CSS reset, reverting to border-box, and fostering responsive web principles.  Always consider these critical skills when partnering with a professional ReactJS Development Company. Doing this will ensure a seamless project development with quality assurance.

  1. Git

A good grasp of Git will make React Developers effective at code storage, version control, and maintenance. With this skill, they can store their project on GitLab and other centralized version control systems. Also, they can make the needed adjustments to the code with various commands like pull, push, add, comment, and others. These changes are available on Git so the developer can isolate or merge branches to understand code performance with various conditions. 

Besides, Git allows a developer to retract or launch features individually without tampering with the source code or other modules. In summary, excellent knowledge of Git offers React Developers the skill to maintain code flexibility without functionality losses.

  1. Redux

One of the weakest links in React Development tasks is asynchronous state updates. As a result, Redux’s knowledge and working principle will make a React Developer invaluable. 

With Redux, the developer gets the ability to control, preserve, and adjust the React library. It is used for state management and also allows for scalability. Moreover, it leverages the principles of immutability and functional programming to make app production easy. As a result, developers can build apps that they can test easily and ensure they deliver consistent performance across various environments. 

  1. Node + NPM

Unknown to many people, ReactJS also requires the knowledge of Node.js. This is because React finds applications both at the server and client-side programming. As a result, one might wonder: what has the ability to leverage Node got to do with a React Developer? 

Even though one might use React in any HTML website, you will still have many packages which will help you customize the React framework. This makes it essential to understand the working principle of Node.js and its application in ReactJS development. 

For NPM, developers also need adequate knowledge of the NPM registry to maximize its potential.

  1. JSX

Like CSS and HTML, JSX, an extension of the ReactJS environment, is also one of the critical components of React. 

A ReactJS developer might not need to dive deeper into HTML. However, as an extension of ReactJS syntax, JSX helps with many interactions. 

In technical terms, JSX can be considered abstract as it has its foundation in React.createElement. One factor that makes JSX stand out is that it empowers developers to create apps that would have been difficult with react APIs.

  1. JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

JavaScript is the foundation and a critical component of React. The higher your understanding of JavaScript, the better you will perform as a React developer. 

In addition to JavaScript, a developer must also be well versed in ES6. A good understanding of both ES6 and JavaScript Fundamentals will maximize the framework. In summary, the principles of JavaScript serve as a competent reference for React programming. Working on an online application will be easy with ES6 for a developer.


These skills are essential to your success as a React developer. It will make it easy to get recruited by leading companies and help improve your mastery and performance at the workplace.

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