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6 Best-Voted Real Estate SEO Tips to Enhance Google Visibility

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Leveraging the various Search Engines and Google in particular, as a steady source of lead generation is the prime purpose of Real Estate SEO. Tele-calling and email marketing are now old-school methods of acquiring leads, and frankly, their ROI is also quite poor. 

An increasing number of potential tenants, buyers, and sellers are turning to Google to check the latest status of real estate assets available in a particular area. Therefore, your best bet as a Real Estate Agency or professional is to feature on top of Google search results for your chosen set of keywords that best describe your offerings.

This will lead to increased organic traffic to your website and prove extremely beneficial for your business. In case you are an entrepreneur who is completely new to Search Engine Optimization and SEO India, you would benefit from outsourcing your website optimization requirements to a learn more about seo company in mumbai. For now, here are 6 best-voted SEO tips to enhance your online visibility as a Real Estate Business:-

  • Streamline your Keyword Research- Understanding the different categories of keywords is a good way to get started. For instance, if a user types in ‘how to buy a property’ on Google search, this type of keyword can be categorized as informational. If users are specifically looking for a company they heard about, they would type in ‘XYZ Realtors’ to go to their website. These are examples of navigational keywords. The third category is the transactional keyword, wherein the search intent is to buy, sell, render, or avail services. Examples here could be ‘3BHK for rent Chennai’ or ‘apartment for sale Chandigarh’. Once you have conducted ample keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and other reliable tools, segment your keywords as per category and use them strategically according to the content of your web pages.
  • Strive for Local Visibility- For Real Estate SEO, the emphasis on local SERPs is particularly high. This is because the search intent of maximum users is specific to a particular geography. Even if one isn’t looking for properties in the vicinity, there would most certainly be mention of a particular city, town, or locality as part of the search. So your keywords need to be researched as per geographical zones. SEO India professionals would unanimously suggest all real estate companies have location-specific landing pages for all cities they operate in. Enlisting in local directories and store locators for your offices with Google Maps location is a must.
  • Focus on Page Performance- Your website’s page performance and particularly the load time of your landing page can deeply impact your real estate SEO efforts. Site speed is not just a user experience parameter; the longer it takes for Google bots to navigate your website, the lower your page rank would be. So page performance should be your top focus as part of the on-page optimization of your real estate website.
  • Use Content as a Differentiator- The most common mistake prevalent on real estate websites is the repetition of content and cookie-cutter descriptions of properties that make all websites appear largely similar. As a real estate agency, you need to put your best foot forward with unique and compelling content. High quality, engaging content in the form of text, infographics, images, and videos can help you stand apart from the competition and improve your search ranking significantly. 
  • Ensure that your website is mobile friendly- This is the fundamental advice that every SEO expert would insist on. Browsing on smaller screens is already a trend, and the percentage of smartphone and tablet users is only going to increase in the near future. In short, most of your search engine optimization efforts would be futile if you do not have a responsive website design to adapt to varying screen sizes.
  • Get high-authority websites to link back to your website- Back-links from authority sites can drastically improve your Google search rankings. But this requires consistent efforts from your end. Reaching out to them with high quality and original content in the form of guest posts, updating about recent acquisitions, sharing comprehensive reports and graphics, etc. will supplement your efforts to reach out to more successful websites in your industry to liaise with you. Press reports are yet another way to get valuable external links to your website and enhance the overall credibility of your business. With consistent branding efforts and a solid link-building strategy, search engines will recognize your authority as a bankable real estate website, leading to higher organic traffic and a consistent stream of leads.

With most potential buyers doing their preliminary research about real estate online, it is imperative for organizations to get their real estate SEO act in place. This would not only improve your visibility but will also get you rank higher on the SERP and hence has a higher chance to be noticed first by your potential customers. 

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