5 Reasons To Give YouTube TV A Try

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YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest channel on the internet after Google – a monopoly that literally controls the internet, which provides consumers with videos and more recently Live TV. With the sudden but expected transformation of the video streaming sites to live telecasting sites, YouTube has accomplished quite a massive feat. It could fatally bruise cable for all we know. 

The one problem, however, is that it’s not accessible to everyone right now. As of today, only some regions in the US can access it; with a promise that YouTube TV will expand its accessibility. 

But who has the time to wait for it to be available in your location when you could quite easily use a VPN to gain access? You don’t necessarily have to be a resident of the USA to watch and enjoy YouTube TV. You can easily tune in using a VPN and watch as much and whatever you please. 

Let’s take an example of Canada; a location where YouTube is not directly available; today you can stream YouTube TV in Canada

A Broader Spectrum of Channels

What is the point of having access to channels that you don’t watch, anyway? This is one of the problems that worked against Sling TV. There were just too many channels and not enough of them relevant enough to evoke excitement or interest. You would end up spending hours scanning through different channels and yet not find a singular channel that was worth watching. 

And that’s exactly something YouTube TV understood before it launched. It tapped into the issue that its competitors failed to recover from. Now, when you tune in on YouTube TV, you will immediately find a channel that you’d actually be interested in watching. 

And that’s exactly something YouTube TV understood before it launched. It tapped into the issue that its competitors failed to recover from. Now when you tune in on YouTube TV, you will immediately find a channel that you’d actually be interested in watching. 

Obviously, everyone has a different appetite, and to satiate the needs of every consumer, would sound too ambitious. But there are some channels that everyone watches and is interested in consuming. For example, the timings and replay of certain shows can be considered when you serve them to the consumers. 

Thus, when you watch YouTube TV, you will be surprised to find that most sports programs are broadcasted live and the replay of episodes of your favorite TV shows is also ensured. 

From BCS, NBC, ABC, FOX to E!, SyFy, National Geographic, CNBC, ESPN, and others, there are numerous channels that you can watch live on YouTube TV. 

Cloud DVR to Watch Something At Another Time

There are times when you simply can’t find anything interesting to watch. And that’s when you would hope to find something in your downloaded section to discard the boredom. YouTube TV has an interesting feature that allows you to watch great content later – after it’s already aired. 

You can use the Cloud DVR feature that records shows right after they air; you can get back to the downloaded file and watch it whenever you like for free. And guess what? YouTube provides you with unlimited DVR experience, which gives you access to infinite content. 

On-Demand Movies & Shows

If you’re someone who frequently indulges in binge-watching movies and series, you will run out of things to watch on live TV and even DVR recordings. And naturally, that will trigger your impulse to turn to Netflix and other streaming platforms. And here’s what YouTube does so brilliantly. You can use the on-demand feature to watch a dozen movies whenever you want. For example, with one tap you can gain access to the Amazon Spider-Man 2, American Hustle, and whatnot. And yes, there will be no rental fees. 

A Mix of Streaming Services & Cable

If you want an experience that is the osmosis of Hulu and Netflix and cable TV, YouTube TV is surely going to be your favorite child. But wait – don’t confuse YouTube TV as a threat to Netflix and Hulu just yet. The reason is Netflix is the original and gold standard of online streaming and its position as the best in the business right now is not being challenged any time soon. So, what’s the point? 

YouTube TV is essentially a mixture of your standard cable tv and a couple of streaming platforms. So, like Netflix, you will get on-demand content and like Hulu, you will have access to quality content in abundance. And like cable, you can switch on and watch live shows anytime you like. 

Free One-Month Trial 

Now, this is exactly what you came here to know. Does YouTube offer a free trial? Yes, it does, and it lasts you for a month. This one-month period is great as you get to fully experience how good or bad it will be for you. You won’t be forced to enjoy and accept that it’s great. On the contrary, you will get immense time to delve into the features and experience them authentically, 


YouTube TV is the next big thing and you only need a VPN to access it from anywhere before it expands and becomes easily available everywhere in the world. A winning combination of streaming platforms and cable tv, YouTube TV has aced the game and beaten its competitors like Sling TV. A massive range of channels is available on these platforms – that you actually want to watch. And yes, you can watch them at a later time!

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