Does It Take Long to Register a Company in Singapore?

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Singapore is a recognized entrepot that offers ease of doing business to entrepreneurs. You do not face any red-tape and bureaucratic hurdles while forming a Singapore company. Still, business owners want to know, “How long does it require to register a Singapore company?”

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is a Singapore company incorporation services firm. We are a registered filing agent. If all goes well, you need only 1-3 days to form a Singapore company. Sometimes, these applications are sent to approving ministries. In such a case, you may have to wait up to 2 months for approval.

Registering a Company in Singapore

ACRA, the Company Registrar of Singapore, supervises the process to set up a company. Singaporeans can visit BizFile+ e-portal and form a company. However, foreigners cannot self-register their company, rather, they need a filing agent for the task.

SBS Consulting assists you in complying with the local laws and regulations governing the registration of your company. We do the heavy lifting for you. We can walk you through each step of the process and also assists you in the opening of a corporate bank account. We offer a very affordable promotional company incorporation package to our clients.

To complete the company incorporation process swiftly, make sure that you fulfill pre-incorporation requirements. Be prepared with the following details:

•  At least one shareholder

•  Minimum initial paid-up capital of S$1

•  At least one company secretary

•  At least one local or resident director

•  Registered local address for the office

Singapore Company Incorporation Documents

You should also be in a position to submit the following documents to hurry the registration of your new Singapore company.

•  Company name approved by ACRA

•  Description of business activities

•  Registered local office address

•  Particulars of shareholders

•  Particulars of directors

•  Particulars of company secretary

•       Foreign Entrepreneurs: A copy of passport and residential address proof (overseas)

•       Foreign Companies: Certificate of Incorporation, M&AA

•       Singapore Residents: A copy of the Singapore ID card

•  Signed consent from each of your director

•  Signed consent from each of your company secretary

Make sure that all these documents are in English. If they are not, get them translated. 

Singapore is well known for its pro-entrepreneur approach and pro-start-up business environment.

•  Anyone over the age of 18 can register a Singapore company

•  You may need to appoint a Singapore resident as your local director

•  You can own 100% equity in your company

•  Foreigners need a work visa or permit to relocate and work in Singapore

Initiating Company Incorporation Process


Register Your Company Name with ACRA

After you appoint us as your agent, you can start the process by registering your company name with ACRA. You need to provide a list of 3-5 names for your proposed company.

Choose Your Company Name Carefully

•  It cannot infringe upon any trademarks

•  It cannot be obscene, vulgar, or black-listed

•  It must be unique

We will verify the available names and will register one in your name. Then onward, you will have 60 days to register your company. If you cannot keep the time-frame, we will apply to ACRA on your behalf to extend the period by another 60 days.


Company Registration With ACRA

We will need a company name approved by ACRA to lodge your application to register your company. We will also need all incorporation documents to submit to ACRA. This agency acts swiftly and normally; it takes our clients to register their new company in Singapore.

You can benefit from a well-planned process and register a company in Singapore 1-3 days.

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