Things You Must Check Before Renting A Flat in A Student Hostel

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Education is a vital part of our life. As the years are going, things become crucial to find out their solutions. Also, to grow economically and for the empowerment of any country, education is necessary. As a student, if you are going to rent a flat for hosting, you must go through many flat checkups. Today, we will guide you about which things are essential to check in a hostel flat.

Usually, every hostel owner claims to be 5 stars with all facilities for students. But there may be many flaws in its maintenance or security system. Sometimes, it seems perfect in all aspects, but the average system leaves behind, or sometimes you need to switch for alarm installation for security purposes.  So, let’s start with it;

  1. Furniture 

Before deciding to live in that room, furniture is the most compulsory thing which you may need during the study. If we talk about unique hostels for students, they have study tables, draws to keep study gadgets, etc. Therefore, furniture is compulsory so that you don’t need to buy it separately.

  1. Sewerage System

The second important thing is the sewerage system, which should be cleaned and repaired. Sometimes it happens that those who left this room before your arrival, maybe not taking care of cleanliness and gutters, may get clogged. So it may create a dirty smell in the whole room and gather water in the winter season. So it is essential to check the sewerage system.

  1. Security of Hostel and Your Room

The third thing is checking security. No one would compromise on safety where he or she decided to live. Also, when it comes to a hostel where boys and girls often make mischief, the alarm system is compulsory. For that purpose, check if the burglar alarm installation process is completed. It would help you in avoiding any entrance of someone Intruder in your room.

  1. Lifting System

The lifting system is also an important part to check before renting a flat in a hostel. It is not a big deal that you got to lift to the parking or ground floor the next morning when you rented that room. But the lift got freeze or not working, then you may face offendedness while going to college. Time is a crucial thing for every student to follow, but you might get late due to such a lousy lifting system. Therefore, try to go from lifts to check either they are working correctly.

  1. Proper Flow of Water

pipelines of most hostels are not cleaned properly. Even in most hostels, there is no appropriate management of hot and cold water. That’s why it’s compulsory to check the pipelines and water taps either they are working correctly, and water is clean or not. It would be best for you for health as well as water usage. Mostly students got ill due to drinking such dirty water. Also, it becomes compulsory in the winter season to have proper management of hot water. So, don’t make a preferable saving over health and pay for which is worthing it.

  1. The Ceiling of Your Room

A new ceiling should be constructed in your room. Because you may have seen many accidents where the ceiling often fell down due to weather softness. That’s why it is necessary to check that the ceiling of the room is maintained or repaired or not. If it is not, then thoroughly ask your hostel management to do before the winter season’s arrival.

  1. Mess System

Mess system was the second most important thing, but I forget to mention it. But here we will discuss how it could be done. Before paying your yearly fee, ask them for a tour or checkup of their kitchen. Then go and check that is there all cleanliness followed? Either the food is prepared by maintaining all hygiene or not? If all things seem acceptable to you, then you can pay your fee. But here I would also suggest you first pay for a month and check all the facilities mentioned above. Because they may pretend to be perfect in all aspects and after getting feec, they provide you with low-grade services. Commonly, mostly hostel life becomes challenging because you have to live there by own. No one of your parents would be there to take care of you.  


We have approximately mentioned all things that should be checked and balanced. These are some basic and apparent things which would help you if they are maintained according to the standard level. Therefore these checking should be of those parameters I mentioned in the above paragraph and how it will help. So pay for those hostels that provide these facilities and not to those who just proclaimed to be but are not in reality.

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