How to Run a Successful Black Friday SMS Campaign: Complete Guide

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In 2021, Black Friday was predicted to be the busiest shopping day in the United States. When was the last time you took the benefits of your SMS marketing list to its full potential? Now is the time to act.

Shopping on Black Friday went online for $9 billion last year due to social distance and other COVID-19 restrictions. However, despite the fact that internet shopping is here to stay, people are gradually getting used to the awful scenario it has caused. Some of these shoppers may likely return to stores searching for the most advantageous Black Friday offers.

You can use Black Friday SMS advertising to keep your customers aware of your business and persuade them to choose you instead of your competitors during the Black Friday sales. You’ll find some easy-to-adapt Black Friday SMS marketing ideas and strategies in this piece.

When will the annual “Black Friday” shopping event be in 2022?

Shopping for Black Friday will begin on November 25th, 2022. It is typical to extend the weekend, followed by Cyber Monday the following day. On the other hand, many firms begin publicizing their Black Friday specials and offer them at least a few weeks in advance to generate excitement and allow people to make shopping lists.

What is Black Cyber Friday Monday?

BFCM stands for “Black Friday Cyber Monday,” as the name suggests (Cyber Monday is an online shopping-only event).

Weekend shopping that begins on Friday and ends at midnight on Monday is the BFCM. Even if the boundary between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is more blurred than ever due to the rise of online shopping amid the pandemic, it’s still popular to refer to this weekend as a BFCM Weekend.

For a successful Black Friday SMS marketing, here are nine tips

Developing your Black Friday SMS template may become daunting if you don’t understand and adhere to a few basic guidelines. Nine of them are listed below.

1. Encouraging individuals to sign up for SMS messages well in advance of

Your clients must permit you before you can send them Black Friday message campaign. At this point, there is no path to proceed without a good (and legal) SMS marketing list. There are several approaches to persuade consumers to sign up for your text message marketing campaigns:

  • Change your email list. Include SMS opt-in instructions in your next newsletter, emphasizing the benefits to subscribers if you use email marketing.
  • Use website pop-ups or sign-up forms. Allow customers to input their cell phone numbers on your website to receive text message discounts and special offers.
  • Compete. Text-to-win tournaments are another way to grow your list. You can post guidelines on social media or in an email newsletter.
  • Check and validate newsletters. Someone just bought from you, demonstrating they trust your business judgment. By clicking the box next to shipment information, you can enable text marketing subscriptions.

2. Begin gaining attention as soon as possible

Even while the end of November may seem far away, bear in mind that, according to Google Trends, the first searches for Black Friday offer to begin towards the end of September.

Getting your business in front and in the eyes of consumers when they are making shopping lists and looking for solutions to save money is an excellent opportunity.

This Black Friday, give your customers a taste of what they can anticipate from you by sending them a teaser text message. Playing the cards correctly will bring them back when the time comes.

3. Personalize

  • To thrive in today’s market, you must meet customer needs and stand out from competition. One-third of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides personalized offers and recommendations.
  • SMS marketing is personal and open. You can’t get the outcomes you want using generic messages.
  • You must know your audience. Use their names to personalize your offers to their needs. Age, gender, geography, and other variables should be considered. With this insight, you can write a more persuasive message.

4. Deliver a genuine benefit to the customer

Sign up for marketing messaging because they think they’ll benefit. Before sending Black Friday messages, ask: Is it worth it?

Even while sending promotional SMS, vary the topic. You can provide links to your most recent (and relevant) blog posts as an incentive.

SMS marketing can help clients uncover deals while boosting your brand.

5. Don’t just type out your thoughts in a single paragraph

Text messages have limited information, but you can send GIFs or photographs (MMS messaging).

Visuals can increase your audience’s interest in your goods or service.

Showing a thing rather than describing it can boost sales. If you’re a real estate agent, images of available properties will boost interest.

Overusing photos and/or GIFs can be hazardous. Sending an appointment reminder without a photo is generally unnecessary.

6. CTAs that are a cut above the others

If you don’t have a compelling CTA (call to action), you won’t get any results from your text messages. A clear call-to-action (CTA) can have a significant impact on the success of your SMS marketing, regardless of whether you should or not you use a customer’s name.

Whatever your offer, make sure you tell your subscribers what they should do next by using terms like these:

  • Shop online.
  • We look forward to seeing you in our shop.
  • Now is the time to buy.
  • Claim your discount, etc., by signing up today!

7. Decide on an excellent time to begin

Text marketing timing is key, not only for Black Friday SMS. A well-written email delivered at the wrong moment might damage your reputation.

When scheduling messages, consider your audience. Is their schedule, home, or employment known?

If you manage a U.S. firm, be mindful of international time zone differences. If you’re attempting to reach stay-at-home parents, avoid morning promotions. First-period teachers may be less interested, etc. The timing of your offers can affect their performance and your aims.

8. Incorporate text message (SMS) and email (Email) marketing

  • SMS and email marketing can be used jointly to engage and retain customers.
  • SMS is great for completing deals, whereas email is better for long-form content. This makes them a powerful combination for spreading information and adjusting to consumer preferences.
  • Send them emails about future bargains and SMS reminders on Black Friday
  • Encourage customers to buy your best-selling products with email and SMS promotions
  • Unopened email newsletter subscribers should receive SMS reminders on Black Friday budgeting

9. Remember Cyber Monday!

Combine BFCM Weekend and Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has always been a day for internet businesses, not brick-and-mortar stores.

As an e-commerce business, combining these two events makes more sense. Expand your audience and sales during the three-day weekend to sell more.

Ideas for 2022 Black Friday text marketing

  • SMS conversational marketing

SMS enables two-way communication with customers. Asking clients what bargains they enjoy can improve sales

  • “X days of discounts” campaigns 

It can attract new customers and enhance shop return rates. You can launch a three-day campaign promoting the hottest deal or another strategy that works for your organisation

  • Quick sales

FOMO peaks on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People move rapidly to take advantage of limited-time deals

  • Promotional levels

BFCM SMS discounts might enhance AOV (AOV). Consumers that spend more per item can get a bigger discount. $10 off $100, $20 off $200, etc

  • Thank your best customers

Customers appreciate being recognised and rewarded. Reward them to demonstrate your appreciation, praise, and encourage repeat purchases

  • Provide SMS-only promotions

Send out SMS-only deals to reward your customers. They will appreciate the extra attention, but it could also help you expand your mailing list. Incentives for customers to “join the club” can be gained by offering unique SMS-only bargains.

  • Survey the BFCM sales as a bonus

Send an SMS survey to your customers once the BFCM sales are ended so that they may give their thoughts on your brand. This is a great way to obtain input and make adjustments for next year.


Q.1 How successful are SMS campaigns?

SMS marketing works. Texting boasts 82 percent open rates, the highest of any marketing medium. In three minutes, 90% of texts are read.

Q.2 How to start an SMS campaign?

  • Invest in SMS
  • Goal-setting
  • Boost sales with BOGO
  • Never send morning or late-night messages.
  • SMS O’clock time
  • Call-to-action

Q.3 How do you launch Black Friday?

  • Promotional ideas for Black Friday
  • Preview anything
  • New product
  • Virtual roulette
  • Early-bird VIP discounts
  • Promo video countdown
  • Post “Black Friday Exclusive”
  • TikTok Influencer Partnership
  • Hourly sales

Q. 4 What’s a good SMS click rate? 

SMS CTR: what’s good? SMS CTR is 19%, 4% higher than email CTR. These data reflect SMS marketing’s effectiveness and strategy. SMS CTR is high because phone users are more likely to open it.

Q.5 What’s a decent SMS?

Be brief. Over 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes, making it a personal way to reach customers. With only 160 characters, make sure your message is clear and valuable so customers will reply.

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