Runescape or the Osrs Game Gold Point System

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Gaming has always been a very interesting activity for friends or family to spend time together, enjoy and have fun. There was a time when games were mostly physical which actually helped the kids grow and increase their body strength too. Those games include cricket, badminton, table tennis, soccer, basketball etc. Then there came a time when we had some indoor games that included brain exercise more than the physical. These games include ludo, card games and carom board games. Families and friends used to spend luxurious time spending time playing these games and adoring the time well spent.   

As the technology evolved, all of these games were available digitally as well following the same rules that were played when people used to be together. This allowed people to spend time together but play games using consoles, remote controls etc. With time these get together started to vanish too as people started playing virtually even being away they could play as partners using the web or internet. This virtual platform has now become so addictive with the evolution of technology that so many interesting games are now available on the internet even in the palms of young kids on tablets or mobile phones.

There are games available online which target all types of users and all age groups. You can find games related to anything and everything. Some are tagged as those which suit people above the age of 20 or 30 and then there are those games which are interesting for children of the age 4-8. Some of those games now require you to purchase some points with real money to buy some additional benefits or feature in the game. This has now turned into a huge business and a good one too. People who become really addicted spend a lot of money on the purchase of such features in the games. Gaming has become a luxurious time to be spent with one’s own self and that too doing something which provides additional pleasure.

Learning about OSRS

OSRS is one of those games that were introduced a while ago when the game world started shifting to technological devices. The game is based on some adventures and some training sessions of the player. It is about the survival of a soldier or you can even call it a warrior. OSRS stands for Old School Runescape and it is quite evident from the name that it is about running and surviving by adopting some suggested means in the game which later on suggests you buy OSRS gold points to add more features. There are two versions of the game that are launched by the company; both of them almost have the same type of interface. The only difference between the two is that the old version does not have much-improved graphics or colour scheme that is used but the new version shows sharp features of the characters and the whole graphics are improved. You can easily differentiate between the two versions but the format and structure of the whole landscape are the same.

Logging into the game

The most interesting fact about the game is that if you have made an account or registered as a player in the older version and then you try to switch to the new one which is a separate download, it recognizes your account. This shows how accurate and secure the database of the game is, it is well designed and well updated. You do not need to make separate accounts to access any of the versions and with that, it is believed that the progress is also linked in the game but it might be different depending on the availability of the functionality in a particular version.


The game’s interface is quite interesting, once you register, it allows you to choose the type of warrior you need which means you can choose either you are a male or female. Then you can select the type of dress you like for your warrior. The dresses options and the hairstyles are all selected and placed for a perfect look of a warrior.

Storyline and progress

Once you are inside the game, the main character asks for your current level of understanding for that particular kind of a game. Next step is to guide you and train you about surviving on the land. All the detailed instructions are given to you to train the warrior for certain situations. To cut the wood, cook food, catch a fish or any aqua species, burning fire and then your warrior is guided throughout the whole place inside the game. 

Runescape Game Points

As you progress further in the game and obviously when you become so addicted to training your warrior and making it gains more benefits inside the game, the next step is to test you as a player. There are some features which are shown to you, their benefits are shared with you through the game and then you are suggested to purchase some Runescape gold points to avail those features. 

To equip you with the use of those gold points, some are provided to you by achieving certain levels / missions who actually make you realize their importance. Once you start becoming dependent on your gold points, they become available to you through purchases. As mentioned earlier in the article, people who become really addicted to the storyline and the way it progresses and then when they really want to grow in the game faster, they purchase those gold points and continue with their game.

Gold points fulfil their desire to continue playing and provide them extra benefits with accessible features which benefit the player anyway. I bet if you download the game once, you would love it so much that you can’t stop yourself from spending most of your free time playing the game. Even if you do not have time, you would try to take out time to play. That is how addictive the game is and I bet you would definitely desire to purchase those Gold points at one point or the other. Good luck.

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