How to find the best Samsung Smartphone to Meet your Needs

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There is no doubt that Samsung Smartphone is some of the most famous handsets out there and contains a big name in the Android world.

If you decided to buy Samsung as your next mobile phone in the budget you set, so your only halfway there. The main decision you need to do is to pick the model and series. There are a wide variety of Samsung phones available both in terms of performance and prices. Read on A New CellPhone to find out which model and series is best for you.

From a few recent years, Samsung has been pared down in a way that is easy to make sense. There are different series available in Samsung smartphones; there is lower end J series, the mid-range A-series, and the in premium range S and note series are available that you can consider. To help you out which model is the best for you, here are a couple of our picks Samsung phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Both these phones are among the most famous devices in all of Android. Many peoples refer to Android phones in general as Galaxies because of S line popularity. Now, the choice is up to you for which phone you are going to pick either it’s Galaxy S10 or S10 pro. However, the prices of both phones don’t come cheap. Both these Samsung phones contain good features and specs along with attractive designs. The specs are almost the same of these phones if we talk about display, cameras, and chipset. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus contains enhancement in RAM, battery, storage, and front cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A Series

The Samsung mid-range A Galaxy is preferable for many users. The famous Samsung A series of the phone includes Galaxy A50, Galaxy A50s, A70, and A80. The overall A series of galaxy phone contains attractive designs along with good specs. If we talk about the A30 Samsung Smartphone, it includes the best features, including 4GB RAM, 4500mAh, and 16MP camera, and the price is almost $400. Similarly, A50 contains 8GB RAM, 4500mAh battery, 32MP camera, and memory card supported up to 512GB. These are the best phones in budget according to specs. If you are looking for good phones for multiple purposes, so these all are recommended. Moreover, you can also have a look at A70 and Galaxy A80 series for more advancement in specifications.

Samsung Galaxy M Series

If you are looking for a Samsung smartphone under a low budget, then you can consider the M series. There are many good updated phones available in this series, and the latest famous M Series models include M20, M30, and M40.

After the M10 and M20 series, the latest M series of Samsung hit various records. These phones are available at an average price, and you can get good specs as well. Galaxy M30 comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB inbuilt, and a good battery of 6000 mAh.  Both front and back camera result is also good according to price. M40 Galaxy specs include 6GB RAM, 3500mAh battery, and Octa-core, 2Ghz Processor. The supportable memory card of M40 is 512GB, and it is the same as M30.

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