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SEO: An Integration of Digital Channels and Tactics

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A search engine is a software that looks after the content of a web page. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the execution that makes it easy for people to find, crawl, and categorize your web page. Any strategy of digital marketing is incomplete without the integration of SEO. It drives customers via online platforms to your web site. To gain huge traffic, SEO works fluently, as it comes with free advertising and good deals. Let’s know something more about the tactics and digital channels a bit more.

Keywords and the optimizations:

One of the best and obvious advantages of SEO integration is that you can utilize AdWords in order to search for better keywords and optimize accordingly. If you want professional help, you may take a look at Dallas SEO. But, with the reaffirmation of Google, about 15% of overall searches are mint. So, you can’t easily determine the sufficiency of buyer intent. PPC can help you in such a situation; you need to set up a PPC campaign, which will target those particular keywords, which will further demonstrate some pages for traffic conversion. You can take further steps if the rate of conversions is good. Then, optimize your content for organic rankings.

Make use of paid social ads for performance measurement:

Some of the popular paid social ads are Facebook ads, Facebook retargeting, Instagram ads and sponsored tweets. There may be several purposes for tweet promotion. Like, you can find the demographic group, to whom your tweet impacted or influenced the most. The tweets may prove beneficial as they can test your headline ideas and can find a catchy title for your post. You can set the language according to your needs. Though Facebook ads can prove much better, you are looking forward to reaching your objectives. Facebook audience insights will definitely show you the demographic group at granular levels, which will make the crafting easier.

Make split testing:

The power of SEO in traffic driving is very consistent. There are pages which you will not be able to convert. Split testing helps to test two components of a campaign against each other. This will ultimately show that which of the component is better. Split testing makes sure that your ads or posts are reaching to the potential audience at the right time at a lesser cost, for conversion. Testing of everything is almost possible, right from the blog posts to landing pages.


Remarketing helps to reach your past customers. Provide video descriptions that give the customers a clear sense of the product. Mention about the offers and discounts you are going to provide. These steps will work very well for e-commerce stores, where the users do not convert easily. For B2B business, provide the case studies, as it influences the buying decisions of the people for your product or service. Remarketing can be done both through Facebook and Adwords. Facebook will help you to target your previous Facebook visitors, and Adword remarketing will help you to get in touch with the users via the Adsense network.


SEO and digital marketing possess the same functions and skills; therefore, they are considered almost the same. After several some steps, SEO is often called integrated digital marketing. SEO involves the use of multiple channels and severe tactics. To work in harmony, you need to have a strong motive and achievable goals. Strategize everything well before taking decisions. Look after your budget too. You may even hire professionals or experts for better results.

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