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Setting Up Ad Targeting on Facebook

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Tapping into the various social media platforms can be very beneficial in helping to grow your brand. One platform that you definitely should look into is Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms in the world. That being said, Facebook has an extremely diverse audience, and reaching the people you need on the platform can be challenging. Not everyone on the platform will be interested in your brand, so you need to wisely target people for your Facebook campaigns. While most brands will seek out a Facebook Advertising Agency, this can be quite expensive and cut into your campaign’s value. So how can you accurately target the correct users on Facebook? Here’s how to properly plan and set up targeting on Facebook.

Target Familiar Faces

One of the most effective strategies to employ when setting up ad targeting on Facebook is targeting consumers that you are already familiar with. Use company CRM and email lists to find and identify users on Facebook, regardless of whether they frequently do business with you or have just previously given you your contact information. Additionally, you can install Facebook Pixel onto your website, allowing you to automatically create targeted Facebook ads for users who have already visited your website. People who have already given you their contact information or have already visited your website are going to the group that will be most responsive to your advertisements. As a result, these people are the most important group to target when running targeted Facebook campaigns. 

Reach Out to Specific Demographics

When you’re trying to make targeted Facebook advertisements, it’s important to attempt to reach out to specific demographics. Yes, retargeting past visitors to your website is effective, but it’s not the only thing you can do with Facebook targeted ads. Identifying your brand’s target demographics and extending them to your Facebook advertising can be an extremely effective strategy. For example, if your primary user base is young male adults from the age of 18-24, then you definitely should target that demographic with your Facebook advertisements. Additionally, if most of your sales come from a specific part of the country, then you should engage in geotargeting, specifically targeting users based on their location. Correctly targeting users based on demographic and location can make your Facebook ads much more effective and generate many leads. 

Another huge advantage of using Facebook for advertising is the wealth of data that is available for you to use. Facebook has partnered with several major data companies, meaning that there is tons of information on just about every Facebook user. As a result, you can easily tap into this data and analyze purchasing trends from various groups and demographics across the platform. You can analyze these demographics, seeing which groups purchase products and services that are either extremely similar to yours or within the same industry. After you analyze these trends, you can get a better idea of who’s purchasing within your industry, allowing you to pinpoint exactly who you should target. 

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