Spring calf wrap: What you need to know

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Many problems affect our legs, whether it be when we are a runner, a fitness freak, or when we are on our feet the whole day. Pain relief is of great importance in these situations. 90 percent of the blood returning to your heart is pumped by your calves. The SPRYNG calf wrap is the perfect solution for you if you spend a great deal of time at work and you are having difficulty keeping your blood flowing.

By promoting blood flow across your calves, Spryng reduces pain and discomfort, speeds up your recovery process, and reduces muscle tightness. Inefficient circulation can lead to blood pooling in your calves, which can result in pain and swelling. 

Spryng – what is it?

The Spryng is a pneumatic calf wrap that is wireless. The constant compression of these socks will relieve sore and achy joints.

SPRYNG™ contains an innovative, patent-pending wavetec graduated compression pattern. Keeping your blood in sync with your body’s natural rhythm allows your blood to flow more easily and quickly.

Compression of the legs that stimulates muscle movements is called active leg compression. An increase in blood circulation, more oxygen in the cells, and regeneration of tissues are the results of this treatment.

The muscle rehabilitation tool promotes circulation, flushes lactic acid, and increases oxygenation of the muscle cells so you can get back on your feet faster. Within 15 minutes, you can benefit from the product’s advantages. The product is available in three strength levels.


SPRYNG’s features and specifications are as follows:

  • Muscle pain is relieved.
  • Improved blood circulation speeds up muscle recovery.
  •  It is vital to flush away lactate acid.
  • Speed up the healing process
  • Oxygenate your body.
  • Boost your athletic and sports performance
  • Therapies based on massage
  • Safe for washing machines

Spryng Controls:

The Spryng controls are easy to use. Spryng has three buttons in total. Users activate the compression sleeves by pressing the middle button. You can choose between two compression modes by pressing the leg button as well as the right button.

You can also charge the device using the USB port. It takes around 2 hours to charge the Spryng device, but you have to charge it several times.


It does not have any wiring or bulky tubes, making it lightweight and easy to wear. Because they are small and light weight, you can easily carry them in your bag at work or in your gym bag.

If you use Spryng compression wraps, you can move around, sit, or stand while working. Using a battery-powered compressed air machine, you can run it for ten consecutive cycles.

As with WaveTech’s graded and pulsatile compression patterns, Spring’s compression patterns are patent-pending. Those with leg aches and pains benefit from increased blood circulation and reduced inflammation.

Traveling with SPRYNG™ is possible?

You can travel with your SPRYNG™ in your carry-on with nearly all airlines. Guests can use lithium-ion or lithium metal batteries or cells to power portable electronic devices. It is a good idea to check in advance with your airline regarding checked luggage.

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