Essential Tips Before Choosing an Accommodation

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It might be the first time for the students to study abroad and live away from their parents. For the beginning of the new journey, everyone wants everything perfect and it all starts with student accommodation abroad. Students should hunt for places where they can relax and cherish the rest of their education time with peace. They can look for different apartments near Cambridge, studios, en-suite to make their stay more comfortable and more cherished.

Here are certain tips that every student should know before opting for accommodation abroad:

1. Detailed research- When you decide to study and accommodate abroad then you remain clueless of the fact that how neighbours are going to be, whether it would be a safe area to reside in, and whatnot. This is when Google, YouTube, and websites come into the picture. Nowadays, it becomes very easy to search the information regarding apartments as websites do publish all the relevant information on their website for the students to choose from. The students need to research on their behalf to avoid any nasty surprises at the last time.

2. Look for the accommodation as early as possible- Don’t wait for the right time to come and miss the opportunity of booking accommodation. If your studies are about to start in a month or two, then do not wait a week to book student accommodation. You can find the best private halls of residences near the university or within a short distance at the best available price. Moreover, you can also avail the discount of New Year while finding student accommodation. Thus, grab the amazing opportunity as soon as possible. 

3. Know the budget- You can look for luxurious to affordable accommodation abroad easily on different websites. If you already have a set budget in your mind then sticks to that no matter what and book the accommodation on time. During on-season, the majority of time students avail the discounted offer and book their accommodation earlier and the chances of getting those after re-opening the colleges\universities are less. Apart from the cost of accommodation, some other costs that is associated. The student has to make a balance between everything while residing in another city. Therefore, the budget plays a vital role in selecting accommodation abroad. 

4. Be calm- Finding the best accommodation at the start is a bit difficult task for most of the students. It becomes a challenging task for them to have one with all the benefits attached to it. The one thing that most of the students should adopt while looking for a budget-friendly yet safe build accommodation is Patience. While enrolling to the websites they should look patiently that offers security, sharing rooms, lounge, parking area, etc. 

5. Ask relevant questions- Every student has a right to ask some key questions from the receptionist before finalizing an accommodation. If they are looking over the website, then they can ask their queries regarding shared apartments as if the procedure for rent payment, guests stays in their apartments, security measures, meals included, travelling distance to university or main market, and other rules and regulations. Therefore, the student should make a clear mind regarding all terms and conditions and then make a final payment in that varies accommodation. 

6. Location- When hunting for accommodation, the student should prefer the accommodation that appears near the campus so that they can save on travel expenses. It will not only help them to save on the cost of transportation but moreover, they can access the college\university, library with ease at any time. The other benefit of near the campus accommodation is a student can never be late for attending the lectures. This way they can build a good habit. 

7. Security measures- Nowadays, every accommodation consider safety measures as a top priority for the students. There is no such accommodation that does not provide a safe environment for the students in terms of CCTV recording. Students look for a safe and comfortable place where they can leave their apartment freely without thinking twice especially if residing in another country. Nowadays, most accommodation provides safety measures like CCTV recording, biometric tool, digital card keys, etc the student choose the one with better security measures.  

8. Quiet environment- Along with searching for budget-friendly apartments, students should pay attention to the environment. Environment plays a vital role in choosing accommodation. After attending the classes you must look for a calm and relaxed place where you can spend your time. Therefore, when looking for accommodation chooses the one where no one can disturb you or hampers your precious time. The pleasing environment is what all wish in their accommodation. 

Thus, if you are looking for dual occupancy studio rooms, then look for a reliable location where no one hampers your time. 

9. The cancellation policy- It would be better if you ask the cancellation policy before finalizing the shared en-suite. Sometimes urgency prevails the next day and no other solution is left except for cancellation. Therefore, for the safety side ask for a refund or cancellation policy. Many websites do offer cancellation policy to their customers for maintaining long term yet the healthy relationship with them. Thus, asking your queries beforehand would help the student to choose the accommodation of their choice. 

10. Amenities they are offering- Each time when students move further for booking accommodation, most of the time they are not told about what amenities they are offering in accommodation. Therefore, it is the right time for the students to ask those that make a higher chance of selecting that accommodation. Accommodation like a studio or else shared apartments do offer basic amenities like swimming pool, gym, barbeques, outdoor terrace, included in the package to excite the student. 

To conclude-

The above-mentioned tips are important for every student who wish or thinking of doing higher education in another country. Before choosing any accommodation a detailed research of accommodation including budget, location, amenities, staff, and security is vital, the student should consider all these points to avoid any nasty surprises at the last time. 

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