How can subtitle translation services help with my project?

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The modern world relies so much on communication and the exchange of ideas that language barriers can be a huge problem. However, many people still wonder what benefits a proper subtitle translation service can bring to their videos. Let’s look at some of the ways in which a comprehensive subtitle translation service can help your content reach more viewers, and what that means for you.

What kind of content can be subtitled?

Almost any content can be subtitled. Wherever there is the written word, you can get those words translated into whatever target languages you need. Believe it or not, this can even include music and songs – the lyrics can be written and translated as subtitles in order to let people know what the words are. Whenever you want people to understand the words of a song, a video, uke chords, or a presentation, subtitle translation can help.

What are the biggest customers of subtitle translation services?

Some of the most common uses for subtitle translation services are industries where it is impractical to record fresh audio for every possible target language. This includes industries such as:

  • – Entertainment media
  • – Professional seminars
  • – Training videos
  • – Meetings

Any industry that involves making a lot of videos will, at some point, benefit from subtitle translations.

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Do I need to have the original subtitles before getting them translated?

No, your video does not need to already have subtitled before you get translated subtitled. Most linguistic experts or professional translation agencies can offer subtitling services as well as subtitle translation services – this means that they will write out the subtitles from the audio as well as translate them into your chosen languages. Of course, if you do already have subtitles, you can just get them translated.

Why does my video need translated subtitles?

More and more, we are in communication with people from all over the world. The wonders of modern technology make it easy to find new social or business opportunities across the globe, but sooner or later we all reach a language barrier. Subtitle translation services can help you get your content out to people, regardless of what language they speak. This means that you can show a training video to employees in different countries without having to re-record the video, or it means you can open up your seminar recording to fellow professionals from all over the world.

What are the benefits?

Subtitling can save money

It is pricey to make a video, and re-recording parts for a different language can be prohibitively expensive. Getting subtitles made can be the cheaper option compared to getting in people to record fresh audio.

Subtitling a one-off

Not all things can be re-recorded. Sometimes you will only get one shot at recording a video before it has to go out. If you find that you need a translation after recording, it can be most practical to go for translated subtitles.

Natural mouth movement

These days, subtitles are often preferred, especially in TV shows or other entertainment media. This is because some people prefer to watch the show and not have a clash between the audio and the movement of the actors’ mouths. Of course, some people prefer to have translated audio, but it is worth having both options in order to encourage more people to watch your entertainment content.


Even if you have a dozen different languages of audio recordings, there are still good reasons to get subtitles as well. Subtitles allow deaf or hard-of-hearing people to understand a video. For every language that you have audio of, you should absolutely have translated subtitles too, to help more people access your content.

Subtitles can help

As you can see, there are many reasons why people turn to subtitle translation services, regardless of what industry or service type they are in. If you are making video media and think you might need a translated subtitle, it is always possible to find a great translation agency and get more information on how great subtitle translations can help you make sure your video and audio files are properly digested. With thousands of different languages in the world, translation services really are a must. 

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