What are the Types of Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners?

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There are several kinds of swimming pool vacuum cleaners that you can choose from. Although the final decision about which kind to use is up to each individual pool owner, there are certain kinds that tend to be more popular than others.

There is one popular type that works with suction action to clean the whole pool. There are quite a few advantages to having a pool vacuum like this in your pool. One key benefit is the fact that they work as if they are a moving main drain. When the vacuum cleaner is under the surface, not only does it suck water into it, but it also moves water to the filter area, which allows the filter to work more effectively because it does not need to exert as much energy to get the water into the filter.

Many of them perform suction functions and are also good scrubbers. They simply scrub up against the walls as they move from one place to another. They also work well with the filter because they can scrub items directly into the filter area. 

These swimming pool vacuum cleaners are best used in pools that tend not to get very much large debris in them since the large debris could hinder how these items operate. 

Depending on functions, pool vacuum cleaners are mainly divided into three categories, i.e., automatic, robotic, and manual.

Automatic Pool Vacuum

It is easily the bestselling and most widely used type of pool vacuum. It is easy to use since you just drop the unit into the swimming pool, let it do its work, and you can remove it beforehand when you want to go swimming. It is relatively inexpensive, and it does a great job of cleaning any type of pool.

Robotic Pool Vacuum

It is very much similar in design to an automatic pool vacuum. It functions almost exactly the same way as the automatic one does, except instead of sending the debris through the pool pump, it holds it within itself until you empty it. This is a good feature because it puts less strain on your pool pump, and it also allows you to clean your filter less often. Robotic pool vacuum costs slightly more than automatic vacuums, but it vacuums much better than any other style of pool cleaner available.

Manual Pool Vacuum

It generally costs less than automatic and robotic pool vacuum cleaners. However, it is not as widelyused as automatic ones. The thing with manual vacuums is that you have to stand outside the pool and push it around the bottom surface on a pole. This can take a while, especially if you have a large pool, and it is not fun to have to stand out under the hot sun vacuuming your swimming pool. Thus, most people prefer to use an automatic or robotic one, which you can simply drop into the pool, let it rove around while you lay by the pool, or go inside and enjoy the air conditioning. When you return to remove the pool vacuum, your swimming pool is clean and ready to swim in.

Now, you can review your requirements and budget and get the best pool vacuum.

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