Tech-Based Business Solutions That Will Improve The Way You Manage Your Finances

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In this ever-changing, rapidly evolving world, technology has become a highly important and embraced part of the business industry. A lot of innovative tech-based business solutions emerged that helped improve business performance. An exceptional volume of data can be overwhelming and definitely challenging to many organizations, that is why the effort to get them controlled intensifies. With this, technology became a crucial part of making sustainable and profitable decisions, including how to manage the finances. 

Business Solutions

Business Intelligence Tools

Huge quantities of data are being accumulated by organizations over time. Having business intelligence tools make sense of these huge data. These tools collect, update, and present data to help decision-makers achieve business growth. Organizations with business intelligence techniques tend to make swifter and more informed decisions, five times than those without these business intelligence capabilities, which helps improve the business’ financial position. Being able to automate certain mundane tasks will help businesses focus on the more important things, and give them more financial freedom eventually. The challenge comes in choosing the best business intelligence tool that would work in the best favor for your company. Knowing about some of the best modern business intelligence tools today will take your business on the success path. 

Receipt OCR

A Receipt OCR has a very useful machine vision capability. A receipt OCR came from the initials OCR which means Optical Character Recognition. An OCR has the capability to recognize and extract text from images, so it can help you further process or store these data. This is very useful when it comes to processing scans or pictures of text, specifically when working with important business data such as invoice processing, scanned forms, and signage.

One of its most popular use is data entry. Having to manually enter information into a computer is really time-consuming, especially when it is done on a regular basis, like an office job. With a Receipt OCR, you can easily copy data, and fill out expenses forms to manage your finances more efficiently, and effectively. 

Business Solutions

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Netsuite is a kind of business management software that provides for both small and large size businesses. This platform provides user-friendly, scalable, and agile business solutions with functionalities of ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and PSA to small businesses. On the other hand, it helps big businesses by leveraging its features. It cuts cost in half, reducing financial close times from 20% to 50%, and improves quote to cash cycle times by 50%.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a business intelligence and data analytics software that has a self-service function. It allows users to visually analyze their data, create an impressive data visualization, and easily discover hidden insights in minutes. This platform also transforms an enormous amount of data into actionable reports and dashboards. It facilitates the gathering of data from a wide scope of sources and combines them together to come up with cross-functional reports to see the business progress across departments.

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP is considered one of the best business intelligence tools. It has the most useful solutions when it comes to advanced and analytics performance. SAP business intelligence’s features include real-time BI predictive analytics, machine learning capability, planning, and analysis. This tool focuses particularly on offering reports and analysis, data visualization, analytics preparation, office integration, and mobile analytics. 


Being a cloud-based business intelligence tool, Chartio can be used by anyone to retrieve and analyze data with Visual SQL. It means that it does not require its users to learn how to code. This platform allows the possibility of data analytics for everyone ranging from engineers to sales professionals. It also allows access to ongoing support and training of companies that influence technology.  

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a web-based suite that is made free by Google. It has its user-friendly feature that offers an intuitive design to business intelligence. The tool works great with data that is sourced from Google itself such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Youtube analytics, and many others. Google Data Studio offers fairly many options for visualization features. 

Microsoft Power BI

As one of the fastest-growing BI platforms, Microsoft Power BI is a modern and versatile tool designed to handle any data, from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It supports not only enterprise serves, desktops, and webs, but it also provides necessary mobile applications’ data analytics, views, and reports. 


A powerful analytics platform, Sisense offers its user fast actionable insights. This platform provides unified data from all sources. Then, it collects, integrates, and visualizes this data which allows better data management. It also features real-time feeding of data with intuitive reports and dashboards. The platform’s other functions include AI, business performance management, web analytics, data visualization, reporting, and predictive analytics. 


Like how inbound marketing, sales, and service software should function, Hubspot provides a complete CRM platform with tools and integration that caters to the users’ business needs. This platform has flexible and powerful content management software that provides help to marketers and developers. It has its sales software that gives deeper insights into prospects. It also allows users to automate tasks. 


Pentaho is an open-source commercial type of business solution tool that focuses on its accuracy in making data-driven business decisions. The platform is made up of large data integration, data mining, and predictive data analytics. It also supports Cloud and provides interactive analytics. It helps users collect and manage data from different dynamic sources and turn this big data into insights. 

As we progress into modern times, not to mention the global crisis that we are currently facing, at least for the most part of the world, it has changed the landscape of the business industry. More people turn into technology to manage their businesses and maximize this technology to adapt and manage finances. These forms of tech-based business solutions make businesses’ lives easier and they also give users additional knowledge that does not only help with how they work but also help the business financially as well. We have to maximize these tools and continue learning. 

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