The 3 Ways Allergies Makes You Miserable

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Allergies, in most cases, may not need immediate treatment but ignoring them can have long term effects on people’s health. If not treated properly, it could result in more health problems, sleepless nights, and unstable moods. One of the ways to prevent this is to install an air purifier for allergies in your house or workplace.

More than 67 million Americans suffer from allergies every day, and this usually happens when people are going to work. That is because pollen counts are at their peak between 5 and 10 in the morning. Even limiting outside exposure is not enough because pollen comes in through the doors and elevators when employees are coming in to work. This goes for houses too.

Some long-term effects of allergies can be serious and may lead to health deterioration. That is why it is important to prevent allergic reactions as much as possible.

More Health Problems

Allergies have been known to cause a plethora of other chronic illnesses like asthma, sinus infections, ear infections, and upper respiratory infections. Immunotherapy has been known to reduce some forms of allergies, like hay fever. However, the most efficient method is to make the indoor environment of houses and offices as pollen-free as possible.

Sleepless Nights

Having allergies at night can be exhausting as it tends to disrupt people’s sleep. Lack of sleep results in less-efficient brain activity, which may be detrimental to the school or office work. Not getting enough sleep also contributes to people’s inability to focus on tasks. On average, a person who suffers allergies can lose up to 2.3 hours of productivity each day because of a lack of sleep resulting from allergy symptoms. That equates to 11.5 wasted hours a week.

The average American will typically spend half of their lifetime in bed. That means a person spends most of their time in the bedroom. It is then reasonable to assume that the bedroom needs an air purifier for allergies the most. Keeping the air clear of pollen will have positive effects on people’s jobs and rest, as well.

Unstable Moods

It can be damaging to people’s psychological well-being if they deal with allergies all the time. It is no secret that people are more irritable when they do not feel well. Then, they easily become upset or frustrated. That is because dealing with allergies is also stressful. There is the money spent on treatments, which can be a drain on anyone’s budget. It can also be stressful on relationships.

The annual cost of allergy treatments in the US alone is more than $18 billion. That can contribute to people’s financial stress. The money that they spend on allergy treatments will be better allocated for more important things. It is next to impossible to avoid venturing outside the house permanently, so these treatments may be a temporary fix for this allergy problem.

Unstable moods can also be detrimental to relationships. Husbands or wives who are suffering from allergies may experience mood swings. That can directly lead to fights. The stress of dealing with allergies may be more trouble than it is worth.

The best way to prevent air allergies is to make sure that houses and offices are pollen-free. This may be the best solution that will not cost as much as treatments. All that is needed is to buy an air purifier for allergies and maintain them, so they last for a long time.

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