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The Benefits of Pinterest Advertising

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Pinterest is a social media and visual search engine which allows users to users to “pin” images to digital “boards.” If you think of it in terms of a digital mood board or bulletin board in which thousands of images can be thumbtacked, you’re on the right track. Users have different “boards” for different categories all based on what they’re looking for inspiration in. Whether it’s recipes, home décor, fashion, baby products, hairstyles, nail art, makeup looks, DIY projects, or garden tips, there is inspiration out there just waiting to be added to your personalized Pinterest board.

Pinterest is a social media platform that advertisers should not sleep on. Because Pinterest is a search engine focused on serving images of inspiration to its users of images of things they don’t have, but want to have, it makes them perfect candidates in the headspace for online shopping. As the advertiser, most of the work is already being done for you. Pinterest users are coming to this platform highlighting areas in their life that they wish they could improve. Whether it’s home décor or fashion looks, the average Pinterest user is essentially filling their pinned boards with items that they don’t yet have, but want to have. Here are some benefits to Pinterest advertising you should be aware of.

  1. 416 million monthly active users. You read that right. Pinterest may be “small” compared to other social media platforms, but it still has substantial numbers when it comes to active users- more than half of them are from the United States alone. The app is also expanding to be more global, and since 2018, 80% of signups have come from other countries.
  2. The target demographic is women. If your target demographic is women, then Pinterest is an ideal place to advertise your product. Even if it’s a product geared more toward males, Pinterest is often used by women for gift ideas for their significant others, so it can still be a great place to advertise products for anyone and everyone. 71% of users are women, 80% are American mothers, and 70% of users have a college degree and make more than $75,000 a year. These are promising demographics!
  3. Shopping is a priority for Pinterest users. 48% of users say that they are prepared to make a purchase which is a staggering improvement from other platforms such as Facebook where users are not nearly as prepared to shop. Additionally, 50% of Pinterest users have said that they have purchased something after seeing a Pinterest advertisement.
  4. 97% of searches on Pinterest pull up unbranded content. This means that your advertisement or promoted product has a significant chance of standing out. These numbers indicate that there is less branded content to compete with, and with less noise to cut through, your promoted content is ready to have its shining moment.
  5. Extremely popular during holidays. Pinterest is frequently used as an inspiration and idea finder for gifts such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Because the very premise of Pinterest is about mood boards and inspiration boards, users are very open to looking for products that would be a good fit for their loved ones.
  6. Competitive pricing.  Compared to other social media platforms, the cost to advertise on Pinterest allows you to get a good bang for your buck. This breaks down to be anywhere from two dollars to five dollars per a thousand impressions or CPM. Boosting engagement is ten cents to one dollar fifty cents per engagement.
  7. Different formats of advertising. Pinterest’s promoted content and advertising have lots of diverse options for how your content is presented. The ad formats include images, videos, shopping, carousels, and collections. Shopping formats allow users to pin pictures of your product with a link that leads directly to the product on your website. Carousels allow users to swipe through and pin multiple pictures at once. Collections are a format that allows you to combine videos, pictures, and real-life application pictures of your product.
  8. Easy-to-use advertising platform. Pinterest offers an easy-to-use advertising platform where you can handle your own products, but if this is too overwhelming, there are also Pinterest ad agencies out there that will do the work for you. Maximize your target audience and get data-driven results through your Pinterest advertising.

Advertising on Pinterest is an extremely economical option for you and your business. The beauty of this social media platform is that the desire for something better is already driving the online engagement of Pinterest users. Even if Pinterest is a smaller platform, it may just be the perfect one for your brand to find its voice and show up in search results.

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