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The Different Types of Facebook Ads

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Did you know that Facebook makes up more than 9% of global digital advertising? Over 30 million businesses have Facebook fun pages, where they advertise their products while interacting with the target audience.

These statistics show the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. And if used correctly, you can count on this tool to reach a broad audience and maximize your returns.

It will help if you understand the different types of Facebook ads that you can run to help you select the most suitable. Check out this guide for more information on the same.

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook has been the most hyped among digital marketing tools, and it is all for good reasons. For starters, Facebook offers you global coverage, and you can easily integrate it with another marketing channel.

With Facebook marketing, you can drive your followers directly to your website. Besides, the marketing tool enables you to reach a precise audience through segmentation.

Types of Facebook Ads

Among the benefits of choosing Facebook advertising over other digital marketing tools is that you get a range of ads to choose from, depending on your needs.

Carousel Ads

Although complex, carousel Facebook ads are an efficient way to highlight your products or services. The ad format enables you to showcase up to ten videos or images in one ad while adding a link for each photo or video.

This is an opportunity to show your product range while highlighting as many details about one product as possible. You may let Facebook optimize the order of the images depending on their performance.

Nonetheless, if you use the images or videos to tell a sequential story, it will help if you opt out of the optimization feature.

Carousel ads are suitable if you want to showcase different products at once, highlight the features of a single product in detail, or explain how your products are used.

You may also hire a Facebook ads expert to help you select an ideal format for your carousel ad. With this, you are assured of high returns from the advert.

Collection Ad

A Facebook collection ad is the key to moving buyers from product discovery to purchase in a seamless and immersive approach. The ad features many ads, each featuring an introductory video or image and smaller images in a grid-like design.

With this, anyone who clicks on the ad to learn more about your products or service will be directed to a fast-loading visual Instant Experience without leaving Facebook.

You can use collection ads to facilitate product discovery. Moreover, the ad ensures a smooth browsing experience for mobile phone users. They simply tap on the ad to learn more about your services in full-screen.

Even better, you can use a collection ad to showcase your catalog. Add images of the different products or services you offer within one ad for easier viewing.

Facebook Video Ads

After Youtube, Facebook is the most popular video-sharing platform. This makes it a powerful tool in the digital marketing world.

Facebook video ads are an excellent way to grab the attention of the audience. Consumers prefer watching videos to learn about a brand instead of reading the same information on a blog.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video is the best way to emphasize those words. Therefore, video ads are a great way to grab attention, and if done well, you are assured of a high conversion rate.

Furthermore, videos promote ad engagement. In return, you can segment the audiences and create a custom audience based on the engagement rate. Targeting the audiences who view your videos more results in a higher conversion rate, thus increased sales.

Facebook video ads are the trick to increasing brand awareness. Research shows that there are more than 2.9 billion active Facebook users. Most of them spend time scrolling through Facebook to pass time.

Posting a short but engaging clip on your page will help you reach more people and create brand awareness effortlessly.


Video ads are an opportunity to engage with your audience by telling stories about your products in high-definition.

However, not every business owner or digital marketer possesses the resources needed to create high-end videos for a Facebook advertisement. This is where Facebook slideshow ads come in.

Slideshows allow you to combine sound and images to create video-like adverts to narrate stories about your products or services. You can create slideshows from scratch or use existing videos to make the ad.

Slideshow ads provide all the benefits of video ads, and the best part is that you don’t have to invest more time and resources to record and edit the video. Besides being easy to create, slideshows are super captivating and can play at any internet speed.

You can use slideshows to showcase the benefits of your products. You may also use the idea to highlight the different products or services you offer in a seamless format.

Photo Ads

Images are a significant part of digital ads. Like videos, images are an effective way to increase brand awareness. They promote engagement and give viewers an imaginary perspective of what your brand is all about.

Facebook photo ads are the best if you want to drive more traffic to your website. Image-only ads have been shown to outperform other ad formats when it comes to driving traffic.

Furthermore, photo ads are ideal if you want an easy-to-create ad. You can create a killer image ad within a few minutes using photos from your Facebook. You simply have to publish a post then boost it with a photo to make it more cultivating.

If you deal with tangible products, images work perfectly in promoting the products. Invest in a quality camera to capture professional photos of the products, and use captivating captions to intrigue consumers.

Boost Your Sales With the Right Facebook Ad

If used appropriately, Facebook ads are a great marketing tool for all business types and sizes. Understand your specific interests before settling for the best ad type to suit your needs. Most importantly, track your ad and measure results to determine its efficiency.

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