The Incredibly Easy Task Of Converting PDF to Excel: Using PDFBear XLS to PDF Converter

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Ever find yourself needing to convert your PDF documents into an Excel spreadsheet? Whether it may be for a report, presentation, or any purpose, it would help if you had an accessible online tool that allows you to convert PDF to XLS. With PDFBear, you can straightforwardly do this type of conversion. You should be able to turn any PDF document into an Excel spreadsheet right away without any gimmicks.

You can use this PDFBear converter whenever the need arises. Best believe that this converter tool will deliver on this service and give you the high-quality result you need. You should see through this article about the PDF to XLS converter why this task is incredibly easy through PDFBear. It uses many different features to improve and streamline the service that it offers to its users.

This PDFBear should drastically improve the speed and accuracy of any PDF to Excel conversion. Other online tools can only dream of offering this streamlined process to its users. With PDFBear, you can avail of this easy, four-step process in converting PDF to XLS for free!

PDF To Excel: Four Easy Steps!

You do not need to go through any complicated and difficult process to convert PDF to XLS. This PDF to Excel converter simplifies the process so that newbies and people who are not tech-savvy alike can use this converter without any issues. You should only need to follow a fool-proof four-step process. These steps are already in the converter tool, which should serve as your guide through the process.

Anyone who uses this PDF to Excel converter should be able to do so in a brief period of time. The first thing that this converter requires of you is to upload the PDF document for conversion. Within seconds, this PDFBear tool will convert it into Excel spreadsheets. After waiting for a few moments, a downloadable file should be available for you to save on any hardware.

Take note that you only have 60 minutes to download the formatted document. PDFBear will automatically remove any successfully formatted document after 60 minutes.

Top Quality Conversion From Any Platform

You will surely get the highest quality end-product that you could ask for in terms of quality. This PDFBear converter is capable enough in handling your documents so that the correct data falls on the right column, row, or cell. Furthermore, this high-quality conversion is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

You should be able to convert XLS to PDF anywhere and on the go. This feature is because of the cloud conversion tool and multi-platform support that allows access from computers, tablets, and smartphones. The only thing that you need is a reliable Internet connection together with your go-to web browser.

PDFBear does not take any chunk of your system memory nor require any CPU usage. Also, you should be able to export and import files from your hardware, Dropbox, and even Google Drive. These features should add to the flexibility that you have in converting PDF to XLS with PDFBear.

Privacy, Safety & Encryption

Working through a secure and encrypted connection is essential whenever using online tools. With this fact, PDFBear acknowledges the inherent nature of the documents and files that you import to this converter. Rest assured, PDFBear and this converter is capable enough in safeguarding your documents. 

Thanks to a 256-SSL Encryption, your privacy and security should be respected while you avail of these PDFBear services. Furthermore, the PDFBear portal and servers will automatically erase and permanently delete original and formatted files after an hour. This privacy strategy is to ensure that no one else will have access to your files after using these converters.

However, you can choose to save the file, which would void the 60-minute time frame for your files’ availability in the PDFBear servers. For more questions regarding their Privacy Policy, head to the website, and check it out.


Not all online tools offer this type of PDF conversion. With PDFBear, you can avail of this high-quality and accurate PDF to Excel conversion without paying for any subscription or fee. 

The best feature of all is that it upholds all the standards and demands in terms of quality. Rest assured, using this converter will not compromise the quality of your file, and each data should fall in the correct cell on the spreadsheet. 

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